Are You Aware of this Huge Recruiting Opportunity?

I was speaking to my brother the other day. He was telling me a story about how he had attended a dinner party with some friends. Several of them had parents in their early 60’s who had recently been laid off as a result of the recession. All of them were having trouble finding new jobs because of their ages.

And it really got me to thinking.  How many people are out there in similar situations?  This is a core group of people with excellent business skills, who have worked hard all their lives and have a tremendous work ethic.  Many of them need to continue to work because of the recession.  And yet they are losing their jobs and can’t find new ones.

Direct selling can be an amazing opportunity for these folks.  It’s a low cost to entry that you can make back quickly, there’s no cap on income, and you can’t be laid off.  Training is provided.  And you don’t have to sit in an office to do it.

My dad recently entered the network marketing industry (his website is here) and he’s having a blast helping his friends save money while helping the environment.  But what’s also impressed me is his work ethic.  He’s used to putting in the hours, and as a result he’s got a huge opportunity for success.  In fact, he’s already got his first recruit!  How many people do you know in your life who might benefit from your opportunity?

And don’t think that because they’ve never done sales before this isn’t for them.  In my father’s situation, he’s drawing on his skills as an engineer and his experience fixing things around the house all his life to create amazing value for his clients.  He’s not just selling green energy.  He’s helping people with ideas about how to make their homes more energy efficient, saving money in the process.  The sales system your company has is duplicatable…you don’t need sales experience to be good at it.  And there’s so many different opportunities out there, that there is very likely an opportunity that someone’s skill set can complement.

As direct sellers and network marketers, we need to be very alert to this big opportunity.  This demographic needs what we have to offer, and may become some of the best members of your team.  Take a minute today and make a list of people you know who may be in a similar situation.  And then get on the phone.

These people NEED an opportunity.  Many of them are hearing no after no.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The network marketing industry is ready to welcome them with open arms, and give them all the opportunity they desire, without being tied to a desk.  Make sure they know about it.  Everyone deserves this opportunity.

Your thoughts?  Please share them in the comments!

6 Responses to Are You Aware of this Huge Recruiting Opportunity?
  1. Send Out Cards Kim
    January 5, 2011 | 7:17 pm

    So true Jennifer! Any suggestions on how to find these prospects?

  2. British Hill
    January 5, 2011 | 6:28 pm

    As always Jennifer, you are sharing great words of wisdom. I love the fact that your Dad looked at joining a network marketing company as a fresh, new opportunity to make a difference in the world, have fun AND create a stream of income for himself and family. I can’t tell you how happy and blessed I feel to have been introduced to the awesome profession called direct sales over 10 years ago! There are so many choices of great companies, all one needs to do is find the right opportunity that FITS their values and goals. Once that’s done….stick with it, work hard and watch your direct sales dreams become a reality!!

    Thanks for all that you do Jennifer!
    British Hill
    Compass Vice President Representative
    Direct Sales fan and advocate!!

  3. Elizabeth McCormick
    January 5, 2011 | 12:02 pm

    According to the Direct Sales Womens Alliance, the top 3 growth sectors for Direct Sales including Network Marketing are: Over 55, Under 30, and Americans with disabilities. Who do you know you can ask?

  4. Carl Webb
    January 5, 2011 | 8:29 am

    Jennifer, Thanks for making others aware of this market…I think that older people are mostly not even aware that direct selling is a viable opportunity.
    My story: At 58 yrs old, I’m entering my tenth year of ‘retirement’ from corporate America. My job went overseas in 2001, I was 49 years old, and was four years into a 30 year mortgage. (We had custom built a 3500 sq ft, 3bed/3bath home on two acres). My story is that I was too young to quit working, but too old to start at the bottom.
    Direct Sales allows me to have a full time income, on a part-time basis, and allows me to leverage my time…choose my own hours of work. Did I mention that we discovered that we like traveling by motorcycle? We’ve been able to travel over 75,000 miles on it in the last 4+ years… something we would have never had the time for when working for someone else! Now that’s living!!!

  5. Linda Rekart
    January 5, 2011 | 7:18 am

    I have a friend who is losing her house as a result of a job loss. I think this would be an excellent opportunity for her because of her excellent work ethics!!! Thank You. This post shall be forwarded to her!!!

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