Are You Taking Advantage of All These Resources Available To You?

So many of my readers are fairly new (or brand new) to the world of social media, at least as it applies to their direct selling businesses.  I’m honored that you’ve allowed me to provide you with some guidance as you explore this brave new world. 🙂

I wanted to make sure you knew about all the resources I have available, so that you are getting the maximum benefit.  Are you taking advantage of all of these resources?

  • This Blog.  Did you know that you can have these posts delivered to your email inbox?  So every time I write a post, you get it in your email.  How convenient is that? Plus, it’s absolutely free. To subscribe, just click here: Get posts by email
  • My Newsletter. I send out a free newsletter periodically, with articles about how to use social media for your business, as well as an update on my upcoming speaking events, training I have available, etc. If you want to be notified about my latest offerings, you need to be subscribed.  To subscribe to my newsletter, click here: Get Jen Fong’s Newsletter
  • Training Courses. I have a number of training courses available through my website.  For example, there’s a free Social Media 101 call that is coming up this Wednesday, May 5: Register for the Free Social Media 101 Course I also have additional courses available. See the entire list by clicking here: Jennifer Fong’s Training
  • Facebook and Twitter.  I share a LOT of resources that I think direct sellers will find valuable through my social networks.  Are you following me online?  You can follow me on Facebook by clicking here: Jennifer Fong on Facebook.  You can follow me on Twitter by clicking here: Jennifer Fong on Twitter.
  • Direct Sales and Social Media Community.  I also have a free online community for direct sellers who are interested in learning more about how to use social media for their businesses.  You’ll need a Facebook account to join.  To become a member of my online group, click here: Direct Sales and Social Media Group

It’s my goal to provide you with the best resources possible for your direct sales or network marketing business.  Too many direct sellers are using social media as an advertising tool, and they’re wasting their time.  Don’t be one of them!  When used correctly, social media can bring dramatic results for your business.  Take advantage of the resources above so that you can experience those results!

Here’s to your great success!

p.s. Have you shared with people how they can connect with YOU online?

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