Are You Taking Advantage of the Videos Your Company Provides?

42-16483669This weekend my husband and I were doing holiday shopping online.  After finding out what it was our kids wanted for Christmas, we both searched the Internet, seeking the best deals.  My oldest son is really interested in Spy Gear this Christmas.  As my husband and I browsed the options, we came across numerous products that could fit the bill.  Then we found a video.  It highlighted each of the features of the product, demonstrating how cool each one was.  After watching for a minute and a half, my husband and I knew exactly which product would be perfect for our son.  The one we had just seen demonstrated!

This got me to thinking about the “extra” business you can gain as a direct seller this holiday season.  There are many, many people who are doing just what my husband and I are doing this holiday, especially in this economy.  They are searching for the best deals, looking for products that will delight the people they want to give to.  If your company provides videos of products, do your customers know about them?

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  One of the things that makes direct sales such a great model is the ability to see the product before we buy.  Video helps to recreate this experience for our online contacts, providing a much clearer idea of the benefits of our products than a text description alone can offer.  As a direct seller, it is extremely important that you make sure that every single prospect and customer (especially those that can’t come to a party or one on one shopping appointment) have access to video that highlights how great your products are.

Many direct selling companies these days provide video product demonstrations.  You’re basically turning your back on money if you don’t take advantage of them!  Here are some ways you can make them work for your business:

  • Highlight a product video of the week in your customer newsletter.
  • Share product videos in your Facebook Group.
  • Share product videos on your Facebook Page.
  • When people you’re connected to talk about needs that a product of yours can solve, offer a link to the product video.
  • Provide a link to product videos in the follow-up email you send to every customer who purchases from you.

You don’t need to broadcast product videos to the entire world to reap the benefits from them.  But by providing the option to people that are interested, you can gain tremendous benefits for your business.  People don’t instinctually know how your products will meet their needs.  They need to see it for themselves.  If you can’t do that product demo in person, then use the videos your direct sales company provides so that customers can see the benefits for themselves.

The result is more money in your pocket.  And that’s just good business.

Does your direct selling company provide product videos?  How have you used them?  Have you seen results?  Would love to read your experiences in the comments below!

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