Best Practices Are There to Inspire – Guest Post by Hakki Ozmorali

From Jennifer: Today I’m honored to share with you a guest blog from my friend and colleague Hakki Ozmorali, author of the World of Direct Selling blog and weekly newsletter, and owner of the direct sales consulting firm DS Consultancy in Turkey. Recently I saw a post Hakki shared about his idea for a World Direct Selling Week, and I thought it was a compelling vision. I invited him to share his vision here with you, and fortunately, he accepted! I would love to hear what you think of the idea in the comments below.

Best Practices Are There To Inspire - Guest Post by Hakki Ozmorali from http://jenfongspeaks.comBest Practices Are There to Inspire

by Hakki Ozmorali

2005 was the year when “Cyber Monday” was first launched in the US. The intention was to create awareness towards online shopping, to get more people to utilize the Internet for shopping and as a result, to increase online sales. The sales figure achieved in 2005 was a little less than $500 million. In 2012, this was over $1.5 billion, representing a 30%-increase from previous year. Cyber Monday is being observed in over 10 countries now.

I believe the direct selling industry can make good use of this example that has proven itself to be successful. Our version can very well be a “week”, instead of only a “day”. By doing so, all parties that are involved in the industry can benefit from this, through:

  • Increase in awareness and confidence towards direct selling (among the society, authorities, shoppers and last but not least, among those who are looking for additional income)
  • Improvement in general image of the model
  • Added motivation and self-confidence among direct sellers and their families
  • Decline in motivation among those who would think of launching unfair attacks
  • Increase in sales and recruitment

The body that can coordinate such an activity (that I would call “World Direct Selling Week”) at the country level are the direct selling associations, in my opinion. And the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) is naturally the body that can coordinate this globally.

Various activities can be launched during this week to gain the maximum benefit. Conferences that are open to public, special activities at universities, newspaper and magazine inserts, interviews with the media, and direct selling expos are only several of the many that can be done. In today’s world, we surely do not have the luxury to leave online platforms aside. That said, micro sites can be built on the Internet and Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can be activated, to name a few. By confining all these activities to a week and doing them all over the world, the impact can be beyond any imaginations.

After eight years now, the online world is arguing if there is still a need for Cyber Monday. Only if we hit the road today, some day we, too, can come to that point!


Hakki Ozmorali has been in the direct selling industry for over 20 years now. After working for major international companies like Oriflame, Herbalife and LR Health & Beauty Systems at managerial roles, he now runs  DS Consultancy, a consulting firm specialized in direct selling. DS Consultancy is also the publisher of the popular weekly newsletter and blog, The World of Direct Selling.

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