Corporate Blog Services

Your blog is your company’s home base on the web. A place to share tips and ideas that your sales force can spread online, respond to crisis when needed, and create better search engine optimization for your overall website.

Unfortunately, many direct selling companies just don’t have the time to blog consistently, which means they’re missing out on all the benefits that a blog brings to the business.

We can help. From planning the content ahead of time each month, working with people within your organization for a timely delivery of creative, to writing individual posts, the team at Jen Fong Media is comprised of former direct sellers who are able to convey (and help create, if needed) the tone and personality of your company’s online voice through compelling blog posts.

Give your fans a reason to come back to your website. Give your sales force something to share that’s within company guidelines and in line with your branding. Give your website a boost in search engine rankings. Let us help you create a blog that brings results!