Does Your Attitude Attract People to Your Business?

Several mornings each week, I run about 4 miles through my tiny town. And because I often take a similar route, I often see the same people. I see Bob the crossing guard, who greets me and my dog by name, and always asks Sugar if she’s ready for her biscuit. I see the nice man on his way to the train station who is always impeccably dressed, and who always smiles and wishes me good morning. I see moms I know from church who wave and say good morning.

Now part of this is just living in a small town. And it’s great.

But this morning it also got me to thinking about who I look forward to seeing each day. Bob the crossing guard took the time to learn my name, and uses it every morning when he sees me. The impeccably dressed man knows who I am, and takes the time to smile and wish me a good day. And it’s part of the fun of the run. Seeing these people is a little bit of sunshine in my day.

No matter where you are, and no matter what task you have to do, do people remember you as a little sunshine in their life? Do they look forward to seeing you? It will help your business.

Whether it’s in person or online, you have the choice to be a sunny disposition that always leaves people smiling, or the one that complains about everything. You can guess which disposition attracts people, and gets recommendations. Do you take that into account in your interactions online?

Your thoughts?

One Response to Does Your Attitude Attract People to Your Business?
  1. Dee Fisher
    March 1, 2012 | 10:22 am

    In my opinion, my attitude is everything in my business! I am a natural pessimist and constantly work on keeping a positive “up” attitude. I don’t think you have to be false or overly bright, but I know you can choose to look at the good rather than the bad in everything. I’ve had people remark to me that they enjoy talking to me and meeting with me because I always have a smile and a good word. If they only knew that I have to find the smile and work on the good word!

    Basically, my attitude is that you have a choice in how you present yourself to the world. Why not choose a happy, sunshiny persona?

    Dee Fisher, Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef

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