Does Your Brand Have a Disaster Plan?

Yesterday I was reading a post on Jeremiah Owyang‘s Web Strategist blog called “A Chronology of Brands that Got Punk’d by Social Media.”  It’s a riveting read, and if you are responsible for your brand’s social media presence, you must read it to be aware of the worst that could happen (and did to the brands Owyang describes in the post.)

Part of the problem, as Owyang shares, is that brands are not prepared for the type of coordinated social media attacks that organized activists such as Greenpeace and PETA can launch, should they so choose.  The Cooks Source debacle teaches us that the internet can sink your brand even if they AREN’T organized.  Many brands are still trying to figure out the social media tools themselves.  But those folks who could wreak havoc are WAY ahead of you.

Direct selling companies who are still trying to figure this all out have got to get ahead of the curve quickly.  As the list of brands here demonstrates, there WILL be problems, no matter what your company size. Ignorance is not a suitable defense.

Is your brand ready?  If not, I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself to the DSA’s Be Connected Conference next week (December 5-7.)  The best and brightest of those doing social media in the direct sales industry will be there.  Learn from them.  (If you’re coming, let me know.  I’ll make sure you’re connected to the right people.)  And be sure you’re prepared for the crisis.

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  1. Kristy Pool
    December 2, 2010 | 12:52 am

    Wow! I didn’t realize that kind of stuff goes on, but it doesn’t surprise me. You are so right in that knowledge is our best defense. Funny too, this is the second time in about 5 minutes that I have seen the word punk’d describing somebody being hacked on the internet like that. Hmmm….

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