Creating a Social Media Strategy that Works

Hello DSA members!  It was great meeting so many of you at the DSA Communication and Internet Marketing Seminar in Las Vegas.  As you plan your social media strategy, here are a few resources that you may find valuable.

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Social Media Strategy Slides: Click to Download

Additional Resources

As you work on creating your company’s social media strategy, you may also be interested in this article I wrote in this month’s Direct Selling News:

Launch Your Social Media Strategy: 5 Factors to Consider

I also encourage you to subscribe to my blog, which has free articles several times a week with information about social media specific to the direct selling industry:

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Steps to a Social Media Strategy

Remember, here are the steps, in order, that you need to follow as you create your direct selling company’s social media strategy:

  1. Educate yourself and your company’s key decision makers on social media
  2. Decide what your social media goals are from a corporate level
  3. Decide what your social media goals are for your sales force
  4. Define the resources (both time and money) that you can devote to your social media strategy
  5. Identify the person within your organization who will lead your social media efforts
  6. Make sure your Policies and Procedures support what you want your field to do with social media
  7. Identify the social media tools that will best support your organization in its goals
  8. Create your social media presence using the tools you’ve identified
  9. Train your field on effective use of social media
  10. Make sure your measurement criteria and methods are defined, so you can measure your progress towards your goals
  11. Put a monitoring strategy into place, so you know what’s being said about your brand and can respond as necessary
  12. Monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed

By following this path, you can ensure that the time you invest in your social media strategy will bring results to your company that you can measure.

Need Help?

If you need help with some or all of this, contact me.  I only work with the direct selling industry, focusing on the specific techniques that this industry needs.  Some of my clients have included Creative Memories, Vantel Pearls in the Oyster, SwissJust North America, and Private Quarters.  As a former direct sales company CEO, and now a direct selling social media specialist, I can help your company avoid the pitfalls and save you a lot of time along your path to an effective social media strategy.

You can learn more about my consulting services here:

Social media consulting services for the direct selling industry by Jennifer Fong

Field Training Resources

As you learned at the conference, training your field is critical to your company’s overall social media strategy.  Here are some resources that can help your field.

I’m also available for convention speaking and custom training for your field.  Click here to access my speaking packet:

Jennifer Fong Seminars and Workshops

Here’s to your great success!

Jennifer Fong

Jennifer Fong

Jennifer Fong