Go Do Something That Matters

When you learn how to use social media for your business, this skill set isn’t limited to your work.  Suddenly, you have access to a tool that allows you to touch people in many ways.  Because ultimately, it’s PEOPLE media.  That’s what social media is about.  Touching people.  Making an impact on their lives.

Your work makes a difference, if you do it boldly.  You create opportunity for people.  That’s what the opportunity does.  You help people make choices based on what works best for them and their family, rather than what works best for their boss.  This matters.  And with social media, you can reach more people with this message of freedom.  Are you taking advantage of it?  Are you actually offering the opportunity, or are you so wrapped up in the fear that someone will say no, that you’re withholding it from those that need it?

But it doesn’t end there.  Think about your favorite cause for a moment.  How would reaching more people make a difference to that cause?  Because you hold that power in your hands.  Yes, use your social media to build your business and help others with the opportunity.  But also use these skills to do more.  Make a difference.

Go do something that matters.  There’s a world out there that needs you.  And the tools are in your hands.

Need more inspiration on how to use social media to help your favorite nonprofit?  Check out John Haydon’s blog.  Follow John on Twitter.  He shares great ideas to help nonprofits make a difference.

What will you do that matters? I hope you’ll share it in the comments below.

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