Great Landing Pages for Direct Sales Lead Conversion

Landing Pages should draw the eye to the conversion objective

Landing Pages should draw the eye to the conversion objective

We help direct sales companies with online lead generation campaigns for recruiting. And one of the essential elements of these campaigns is a great landing page. It surprises me how many companies spend good money on Facebook Ads, only to send all that traffic to the regular website. Yet there is so much data that tells us that when we send people to a website with a lot going on (i.e. Shopping bids, hosting bids, etc.) people get confused and rarely convert the way we want them to.

Instead, what is necessary is a landing page with only ONE conversion objective: fill out the form for more information. Our clients have enjoyed conversion rates up to 12% or more when using a great landing page instead of just sending traffic to the Join page, or even worse, the main home page of the website.

So what does a great landing page include? Here are some important elements:

  • Short Form – As direct sellers, we want a lot of information, and often wind up shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to our forms. There is a lot of data that tells us that the more fields we add to a form, the more we increase the abandonment rate of that form. So keep it simple: Name, Email, Phone, and Zip code if you must. NOTHING MORE.
  • No Exit Navigation – Good landing page design principles tell us that when people get to our form, we don’t want them to leave until they complete the conversion objective (fill out the form.) So make sure that you don’t give them an easy way to leave! Remove the regular navigation found on the rest of your website from your landing page, and watch your conversion rate increase.
  • Arrows – Everything on the page should point to the form you want people to fill out. So use arrows in your design to point to the form, and make sure every design element you use draws the eye to the form.
  • Brief Description of the Opportunity – You’ll want to include a very brief, bulleted list of the benefits of your opportunity. Try to ensure that the copy matches what you’ll be using in your ads.
  • Testimonials – Social proof can increase the conversion rate of your landing page. Include a real testimonial from one of your existing consultants, and use their picture too. People like to see that others have good things to say about your opportunity.
  • Orange “Learn More” Button – Color is exceptionally important when it comes to landing page. So be sure to do your homework. And one important thing to remember is that Orange has proven over and over to convert better than any other color. Make sure the submit button on your form is Orange, and don’t EVER use the word “Submit” on it (which can be off-putting.) Rather, use a phrase like “Learn More” or “Get Started” which talks about the person, rather than what technically happens to the form.

A great landing page can make all the difference in your lead generation campaign. Make sure yours is prepared to give you maximum benefits, so you don’t waste any of your ad spend! Check out my article on The World of Direct Selling blog with more tips for successful online lead generation campaigns: How to Run An Effective Online Recruiting Campaign

And to learn more about the recruiting lead generation services offered by Jen Fong Media, LLC, click here.

2 Responses to Great Landing Pages for Direct Sales Lead Conversion
  1. LaRaine McCoy
    April 29, 2014 | 7:48 pm

    Hi Jennifer.
    I love reading your informative blog posts on social media and have followed many of your suggestions. This is the first time one of your posts has hit an off key with me, compelling me to comment.

    I click on an Ad because I’m curious to learn more about the item or offer. It feels mildly annoying and intrusive when a landing page pops up and asks for contact information before I can decide if this is something I’m seriously interested in. Plus, the last thing I want are more emails flooding my already overfull box. But, I’m highly frustrated when there’s no “opt out” button to access the website and I feel like the company is pushing me to give something I’m not yet ready to give. Even though sincerely interested, I leave.

    Jennifer, again, thank you for the wealth of practical knowledge you share. I truly appreciate your efforts to support Direct Sales and will continue to look forward to your posts.

    Warm regards,

    • Lisa Robbin Young
      May 6, 2014 | 2:59 pm


      I don’t disagree with you. It can be frustrating to get the right balance of information on both sides of the fence. The whole point of any advertising is to find qualified people who are interested in your offer without “giving away the cow for free” so to speak. On the other hand, if the info page you land on has TOO much information, it can feel overwhelming and you’ll click away without connecting more deeply to the information you may very well have needed. Same problem if you have “click away” options on the opt-in page… people end up clicking away and forget to opt-in.

      In short, landing pages are something companies always need to be testing.

      It’s a lot like dating. We need to get SOME kind of information from you so we can keep “seeing” you, but if you’re not interested enough to at least give us a way to reach you, then what can we do? That assumes, of course, we’ve done our part to get you interested in the first place. You don’t just give your digits to anybody who comes up and asks for them. 🙂
      Lisa Robbin Young recently posted..More Than Words

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