How Direct Sales Companies Can Increase the Reach of Their Content on Facebook – Guest Post by Dan O’Marra

From Jen: Earlier this week I wrote about Facebook’s algorithm changes, and what direct sellers should think about as they adapt to a serious decrease in organic reach. My friend Dan O’Marra, who is the Director of Sales for Sound Concept’s MyBuilder division (which is a pretty sweet tool for direct sales folks), reached out to me to share some stats his clients are seeing by providing an easy way for individual consultants to post content that their companies provide. I invited Dan to share a bit more about what he’s seeing with all of you, and I’m delighted that he’s agreed to share his thoughts in today’s post. Enjoy!

Dan OMarra

Dan O’Marra, Director of Sales at SoundConcepts

How Direct Sales Companies Can Increase the Reach of Their Content on Facebook
by Dan O’Marra

With recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, there has occurred a massive decrease in business page reach (which is the appearance of your story somewhere in others’ news feeds).  Some reports suggest that business pages now show posts to only 3% of their audience.  On the surface, this is a problem. But shouldn’t we, as direct sellers, view this as a sizeable opportunity? Further examination implies that this scenario allows direct sellers to do what we do best—rely on the salesforce to promote products and business opportunities.

Before we get too excited, however, we all know how new representatives can annoy friends and family by posting on their social media outlets every 30 minutes about their newly discovered and exciting opportunity. (Yikes!) Is there a way to help those that really want to use Facebook and other social media to build their business in a respectful and educated way?  At Sound Concepts, we believe that activating your field with compelling content and proper cadence of messaging can and will outperform a brand page any day of the week.

Sound Concepts has been working with several of our direct selling company clients to address this problem, and the results have been impressive. One client in particular has enjoyed immense success by providing their salesforce with automated Facebook posts containing data-proven content through our system.  More advanced users can create their own content recipes using varied quantities of promotional content blended with conversation starters. By allowing the field to drive reach, the company’s Brand page can do what it’s meant to do—provide information for serious prospects and leaders.

Does this change how you should manage your Facebook strategy?  Of course!  You should center your Facebook ad spends on surfacing potential leaders. In addition, your page should reflect why your company is a prime option with whom serious business builders can partner.  Also, you should dedicate resources to provide your sales force with superior content that is easily shared.

When developed and applied properly, a robust Facebook strategy can deliver terrific results. Such is the case with the aforementioned Sound Concepts client.  Last month this company had 11,000 of its representatives elect to use automated social content. In turn, this drove approximately 105,000 new posts and 34.5 million impressions. Best of all, it resulted in more than 103,000 clickthroughs to representatives’ personal websites! It’s pretty easy to understand the kind of sales growth that can occur with numbers like this.

So here’s the question. Are you still going to stress over the reach of your brand page? Or are you going to rely on what direct sales is all about — supporting your field with actionable content that allows them to utilize, not annoy, their networks. Go ahead and make the change in your social media strategy – we’re certain you’ll enjoy significant results.


Dan O’Marra is the Director of Sales at Sound Concepts. Dan jumped full force into the social media space in 2009 as an original founding member of a SMMS platform that works with brands such as Coca-Cola, Hilton WorldWide, Applebee’s and Oreo.  His focus was their go to market strategy, building their sales team, and expansion into new markets. This year Dan switched his focus to the direct selling industry, moving to Sound Concepts’ MyBuilder division to help expand their content management and CRM capabilities.

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