How to Add an Opt-In Form to Your Facebook Profile

Yesterday I shared with you the profile box I have on my Facebook Profile, where you can sign up for my newsletter.  I got a lot of questions on how you could do that on your own profile.  And while I do cover this in my Effective Facebook Strategies for Direct Sellers course, along with lots of other great ways to enhance your Facebook presence, I decided that today I’ll show you how to do it.

Quick caveat here, though.  Facebook keeps threatening to do away with Profile Boxes.  A box is the content that shows up on the left side of your Facebook profile below the pictures of your friends.  When Facebook does ultimately do that, this won’t work anymore.  Update: Facebook announced today that boxes will be going away on August 23, 2010. Read more here:

But in the meantime, here’s how to do it.

  1. From within Facebook, type Profile HTML in the search box at the top of your screen, and select Profile HTML when it appears.
  2. If Facebook prompts you, click Go To Application.
  3. Once you reach the application, you’ll notice that there are two tabs near the top…profile tab and profile box.  A profile tab will create a new tab on your profile, along the top.  Unfortunately, you can’t name that tab anything other than “Profile HTML” so I don’t find it tremendously useful.  Instead, you want to click the tab here that says Profile Box.
  4. Once you click Profile Box, you’ll be taken to the Profile Box screen.  Note the warning that Facebook will soon do away with boxes.  Do you see the “Your Code” box under the pink warning box?  That’s where you’re going to put the HTML code your autoresponder creates for your newsletter.  (You could actually use any HTML here, so if you want to create a simple email form that just emails you people’s contact information, you could put that here too.  But this is not an HTML class, so I’m not teaching you how to do that here.)
  5. Now you need to go to your autoresponder service.  I use Aweber (affiliate link), so  I’ll show you how to do this using that service.  Once you log into your account, and set up a list for your newsletter, you select that list and click the Web Forms tab near the top.  Then click the Create Web Form button.
  6. Fill in the details to design your web form. I would suggest avoiding the templates, because I’m not sure that they translate well into Facebook. Be sure to click Save Web Form when you’re done.
  7. After saving your web form, Aweber will ask you who is going to install your web form.  Click “I will install my form.”
  8. Your code will display.  Select Raw HTML Version, and I recommend that you uncheck the box at the bottom (the styles may come through, but I’m not sure.  If it does take, let me know in the comments.)  Then, select the code that displays, and copy it.
  9. Switch back to Facebook, and paste the code you just copied into the Profile HTML code box.  Be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the box.
  10. Go to your profile and check out your new box!  You can click on the header of your box and drag the box to any position (below friends or lower) on your profile sidebar.

That’s it!  (BTW, if you want to learn lots more tips on how to use Facebook effectively for your business, check out my Facebook e-course.)

Are you going to set up an opt-in box on your Facebook Profile?  How will that help your business?  Would love to read your comments below!

5 Responses to How to Add an Opt-In Form to Your Facebook Profile
  1. Julie Walton Shaver
    August 10, 2010 | 2:28 pm

    What I don’t get is why FB would be getting rid of the boxes. That’s one of the most useful things about FB and one of the only ways to customize. I hope when they take it down that they replace it with more ways for us to customize.

    Great article, Jen. You always post such helpful topics!

    • Jennifer Fong
      August 10, 2010 | 2:33 pm

      Thanks Julie!

  2. Patty Reiser
    August 10, 2010 | 1:41 pm

    I do have an Opt-In form on both of my business pages but its located under the “Tabs” utilizing the FBML option for setting this up. I just added the code provided to me by my Email Subscription company. This was very easy.

    • Jennifer Fong
      August 10, 2010 | 2:00 pm

      Patty, FBML is certainly an option with pages. However for profiles, you have to use Profile HTML.

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