How to Be a Classy Social Media Marketer

Nothing drives me crazier than the “drive by” spammers. You know the ones…they hit up every Facebook Page where they think their target market might be visiting, and post their marketing message right on the wall. They don’t have any relationship with the person that has built the page, and they certainly don’t ask permission.

Also offensive is the one who joins a Page and immediately posts “New fan from [fill in link here].” As if the fact that they’re a new fan negates the fact that they just spammed your Page.

If you put this into real-life context for a minute, this is the equivalent of walking up to someone else’s storefront, and plastering a poster of YOUR business in the window. Without permission. Completely inappropriate and crass. And it reflects very poorly on your business.

This type of pseudo-marketing strategy is what gives direct sellers and online marketers a bad name. If you want to be taken seriously as a business owner, you need to market with class. Here’s how:

  • Quit taking shortcuts. If you want to market to an online audience, build it by having conversations with people, servicing customers so well that they refer you, and work your business.  Provide great content so they want to come back, and tell their friends about you.
  • Invest in advertising if you want to tap into other people’s markets. There is a way to post your business in another person’s space…it’s called paying for the real estate. If you want to reach someone’s market, pay for an ad.
  • Model what you want to experience. How would you feel if someone spammed your space without permission? Pretty annoyed. So always think about how you would feel if the tables were turned before posting. If you feel even the slightest twinge of doubt, chances are you should skip it.

People work really hard to build their online communities. I’ve been at it for years, and have built a community based on trust and content. It is NOT open for others to market their businesses unless I give specific permission in a post (like my Promote Your Business Friday posts.)

Be a classy social media marketer. Market your business while respecting the communities others have built. Who do you know that needs this message? Share this post with them!

Your thoughts?

One Response to How to Be a Classy Social Media Marketer
  1. Kevin
    July 18, 2012 | 11:37 pm

    Great post Jennifer! I like your point about modeling the experience that you are after. True with so many things in life!
    Kevin recently posted..Five Videos That Helped Turnaround My Opinion of Network Marketing

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