How to Build Your Direct Sales Team Right Now

I was recently speaking with a client who was looking to grow recruiting numbers for August. It seemed like things had slowed down considerably, and this client was looking for ways to turn things around. Of course one of the first questions I was asked was how social media could fix this. And I had to tell them that social media is not the magic bullet when it comes to recruiting. Sure you can meet new people and develop relationships with existing contacts, but that’s not what causes someone to sign up, ultimately. Rather, you need to meet with that person (in person if they’re close enough) and have an opportunity interview that leads to that person signing up. And that takes dedicated leaders who are willing to do what must be done to make it happen.

You need to take the actions necessary, weekly, that lead to new recruits for your business. You will not recruit anyone without concerted effort on your part. And now is one of the BEST times to recruit…your company probably has a recruiting special in August, and your new recruits have enough time to get trained and begin booking, so they can take full advantage of the holiday selling season.

So what should you do if you intend to grow your team (rather than just wishing it could happen)?

  • Hold AT LEAST 2-3 parties per week. Your best source of recruiting leads is your parties (or sales appointments if you’re MLM). Offer the opportunity at every sales presentation, both to the group, as well as to each individual.
  • Schedule opportunity interviews immediately. Be prepared to offer dates for the interview right on the spot, so your prospective recruit can immediately select one while he/she is still excited/interested. Try to schedule them within a day or two.
  • Carry recruiting literature with you wherever you go, and be prepared to start conversations in the supermarket parking lot, library, sporting event, etc. Don’t wait for the right time…make the right time and DO IT.
  • Share fun parts about the opportunity, and recruiting specials, on your Facebook Page. Follow up privately with everyone who expresses interest.
  • Participate in vendor events, fairs, etc. in order to build your list and meet new people. FOLLOW UP on the list.
  • Go back through your list of folks who have expressed interest in the opportunity in the past, and share the current recruiting special. Now might be the right time.
  • Review the status updates of previous customers and hosts. See if anyone is in a position where they might need to earn some extra income. Reach out privately.
  • Tap a handful of people on your team who have expressed interest in leadership. Ask each person in this group to commit to a set of weekly goals (# of parties, # of opportunity interviews, etc.). Hold special group coaching and training calls for this group, and reward their efforts when they follow through.

Note that each of these tips focuses on what you can control, rather than the outcome. When making your plans, focus on what you can control (i.e. scheduling the opportunity interview, booking parties) as opposed to the outcome (how much someone buys, or whether or not they ultimately decide to join.)

And most importantly…set weekly goals, and write them down. “I will call 5 prospects who expressed interest in the past, I will book and hold at least 3 parties per week, I will start 5 conversations per week with new people I meet while out and about.” Share them with a fellow consultant in your company or your upline, and ask them to hold you accountable. This is how you’ll grow your business.

Don’t just wish for success…DO IT!

In the comments below, share what you commit to do weekly to grow your business. Then find an accountability partner and make it happen!

6 Responses to How to Build Your Direct Sales Team Right Now
  1. Steve Garton
    February 26, 2012 | 7:31 am

    Excellent post filled with some fantastic must do tasks…. thanks for sharing…we will be using them in our business
    Steve Garton recently posted..Struggling for cash….Don’t get a PayDay Loan…. This is a better option.

  2. Emma Butt
    October 19, 2011 | 1:33 pm

    I really like your outlook on goal setting here, making sure you are in control of the outcomes. So simple but so effective! Thanks.

    • Jennifer Fong
      October 19, 2011 | 3:26 pm

      Thanks Emma!

  3. Emma Butt
    October 19, 2011 | 1:32 pm

    I really love your outlook on goal setting here – making sure you are in control of the goals, so simple but so effective. Thanks.

  4. Melody
    August 10, 2011 | 1:41 pm

    Setting goals and knowing what the right activities are to produce results is essential.

    We do have a joining special this month so I’m following up with all my business leads to share it with them. Now is the perfect time to join as we head into the fall selling season when sales skyrocket.

    I’ll also be working closely with potential leaders who are already on my team to assist them with their business growth and sharing this with them! I’m sure they’ll find it very helpful!
    Melody recently posted..Looking For an Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

    • Jennifer Fong
      August 10, 2011 | 6:43 pm

      Great goals Melody!

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