How to Find Great Content from Your Favorite Bloggers

Do you dig into your favorite blogs?  Because chances are there is a lot of content there that you’ve missed.

For example, I have been writing this blog for over 2 years.  Through those years, I’ve answered a LOT of the questions folks have about using social media for their direct selling businesses.

But how do you find that content?  Here are some tips:

  • Search.  Most blogs today include a search field that allows you to search that individual blog for content.  If you’ve got a question about a specific topic, type in some keywords, and sift through the results that come up.  You may just find the answer you’re looking for.
  • Categories.  Categories are like the index for a blog.  Most bloggers classify each post they write into Categories, and you can usually access those categories from somewhere on the sidebar.  So if you’re interested, for example, in recruiting, check out that category and see all the posts the blogger felt were relevant to that topic.  (You can find a drop-down with this blog’s categories on the right.  Just scroll down a bit.) Reading this via a subscription?  Visit the blog by clicking here: Jennifer’s Blog

The thing about searching an individual blog, as opposed to the entire internet, is that you already know that you like and trust an individual blogger’s perspective.  You find it helpful.

Most bloggers are sitting on a goldmine of content.  Go digging!

Your thoughts?

One Response to How to Find Great Content from Your Favorite Bloggers
  1. Ryan Biddulph
    January 20, 2011 | 2:02 pm

    Hi Jennifer,

    More solid advice here and food for thought concerning my blog.

    Where better to find content from your favorite bloggers than on their blog? No need to sift through google or trawl social networking sites for specific topics. As long as your blogger includes a categories tab and search box.

    I pulled my categories tab a while back to simplify by blog’s design. Now I know it needs to be included again.

    Thanks for giving me a nudge Jennifer and thanks for sharing your insight.


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