How to Meet New People in Social Media – Guest Post by Lori Sauerwein, Reliv International

From Jennifer: One of the things I love about what I do is the opportunity to meet those folks “in the trenches,” so to speak, working hard to provide your company with a social media presence.  Our Guest Columnist today is one of those people.  Lori Sauerwein is the Director of Strategic Development at Reliv International. One of the things I love so much about Lori is her passion for learning about social media, and then sharing it with Reliv’s distributors.  She is always digging deeper, finding resources and the BEST solution, not just the easiest.  It makes her a fantastic person to work with, and someone I enjoy knowing!

Lori shares some fantastic insights today on how to find new people through social media.  It’s all about connecting with your passion, and, of course, building relationships!  I know you’ll enjoy today’s article as much as I do!

How to Meet New People in Social Media
by Lori Sauerwein

When Reliv launched our Facebook fan page three months ago, suddenly thousands of distributors decided to give social networking a try. They tweaked their profiles and claimed Twitter handles. The uninitiated joined Facebook and LinkedIn. And en masse they started looking for customers.

In no time, friend and follow lists filled up with fellow distributors. Many found themselves joining the same health, wellness and nutrition groups as their Reliv friends. And while they enjoyed the camaraderie of connecting with each other, they needed to reach beyond their current Reliv circle to find new people. But how?

As I talked with distributors about what was happening, we quickly realized that the problem wasn’t so much “how” as “who”. Understandably, our distributors set out to find people who are as passionate about our products and our brand as they are. And they found them… big time. The idea of focusing on their passion was dead on. But to start reaching new people, they had to look a little deeper.

Connect with Passion
Let’s face it. Unless you’re a second or third generation direct seller, you probably didn’t grow up as an adoring fan of your brand. You were passionate about something before you discovered your company – what was it? Deep down, what drives you? Maybe you’re a competitive triathlete, an organic gardener or a crusader against world hunger. Whatever captures your heart, social media is a great way to connect with the kindred spirits who can both feed your soul and help you build your business.

Like all things in social media (and in life), it begins with building relationships:

  1. Find Your Tribe: Search keywords to find people or groups who share your passion. Or use one of Jennifer Fong’s other 5 methods for finding people through social media. As you begin connecting, assign your new contacts to Facebook Friend or Twitter lists so you can easily keep up with the conversation.
  2. Share Your Passion: Start by listening, then engage and have fun! Offer tips and insights from your own experience. If no groups exist, create one. Or consider leading a weekly tweet chat among your friends. Not only will you help your contacts share great information, you’ll learn a lot about their wants and needs.
  3. Think Solutions: Many people choose direct selling because it gives them the freedom and flexibility to pursue their passions. Think about ways your business or products can answer your tribe’s needs and share relevant content (hint: your company fan page is loaded with approved articles, tips and information that support your brand).
  4. Live It Out Loud: One of the best ways to spark interest in your products and business is to let your tribe see how your company enables you to live your passion every day. Who needs spammy messages when you can give the ultimate testimonial simply by living a passion-filled life!

Are you ready to share your passion with the social world? Then let’s go!

Would love to hear your thoughts!  How are you finding your passion and meeting new people through social media?

Lori Sauerwein is Director of Strategic Development and social media champion for Reliv International, based in Chesterfield, Missouri. Lori’s career spans more than 25 years in the direct selling industry and encompasses field communications, sales promotion, new product development and strategic marketing. Today, she manages Reliv’s strategic planning process. Lori is passionate about social media, direct selling, her family and sci fi. She is chronicling her family’s history with a collection of heirloom recipes that span four generations.

2 Responses to How to Meet New People in Social Media – Guest Post by Lori Sauerwein, Reliv International
  1. Barbara Matthews
    April 27, 2010 | 7:32 pm

    Nice post, Lori and thanks for the helpful tips. I agree, we need to live out loud – what better testimony about how this business helps us get what we want out of life?

  2. Janette Stoll
    April 27, 2010 | 5:48 pm

    Nice summary, Lori. I love seeing network marketing, direct sales companies embrace social media. As an industry, it’s time the industry incorporates new marketing.

    Janette Stoll

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