How to use Social Media: Listen. React. Repeat. Guest Post by Jenny Dammann, Creative Memories

From Jennifer: One of the things I love most about what I do is the opportunity to work with great companies, and help them dive into social media marketing successfully.  Along the way I’ve met some pretty incredible people, including today’s guest poster, Jenny Dammann.  Jenny was tapped to head up some of Creative Memories’ social media efforts, and has done a stellar job as their social media coordinator.  I love today’s post that she shares about how social media has created an even bigger audience for the amazing content that they share.  It’s all about listening!  It’s a good lesson for any company trying to engage their target market in a meaningful way through social media.  Enjoy. 🙂

How to use Social Media: Listen. React. Repeat.

Jenny Dammann

by Jenny Dammann, Creative Memories

I love to scrapbook. And I have for a very long time. I also consider myself a social butterfly, so for me to be able to lead the charge into social media at Creative Memories has been an AWESOME experience – one that’s been an eye-opener for sure.

When I started working at CM as a web specialist, my first task was to set up an online gallery of ideas to inspire folks to create sweet projects, which would in turn make people love and need to have our product. Makes sense – you do the former, the latter will naturally happen. So… the CM Project Center concept was born. Given that I’d always paid attention to the latest fads in scrapbooking, I assumed I had a slam dunk deal here in building the Project Center. I could apply all that I already knew and believed to be right in the scrapbooking world and that if I built it, they would come.

I built it, and they started to come. But the numbers weren’t stunning. I was sure that our customers and consultants would soon discover the rockin’ project ideas we’d pulled together for them and they’d be along soon enough. Afterall, I was doing all the things that the rest of the scrapbooking world was doing.

Turned out that a whole lot of our customers and consultants were really looking for more from the ideas we were providing. I realized this as I painstakingly read through and replied (one at a time) to each of the hundreds of feedback and suggestion emails that poured in. There surely had to be a better way.

One day last summer I was approached about heading up a pretty ambitious social media program here at CM. Yeah, I was all over it. I mean who really wouldn’t want to be able to describe their job as “playing on Facebook all day?”

We established an official Fan Page on Facebook, and thanks to “The Fonginator”, we went about it the right way – posting awesome content, reading posts, participating in discussions and responding to our fans. Almost immediately we started seeing growth in traffic to the Project Center. We saw higher percentages in the “New Visits” and “Time Spent on Site” categories, and overall more traffic coming to the Project Center in general. Our Facebook Fan Page content organically drives visitors to want to see and learn more about our projects and products.

I’m delighted to say that we’re averaging around 700 new Facebook fans per week these days. Below is a snapshot of the trend in traffic we experienced in the months right after our social media efforts began – the pink dot indicates the point at which we really began engaging on Facebook.

So as you can see, we’ve learned to interact with our fans in a very impactful way. And now that we’re really paying attention, they’re starting to pay attention in return. It’s a sweet little relationship built on a simple formula really: Listen. React. Repeat.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said Creative Memories was mad to try. But behold, a crazed experimentation has produced a hybrid of techie, creative and cool. And they call her Jenny Dammann. Jenny is the Social Media Coordinator for Creative Memories, a company that pioneered the scrapbooking industry. Jenny began working with Creative Memories in 2007 as a web marketing specialist before shifting her focus to social media efforts in the fall of 2009.  She is now the voice behind Creative Memories’ online social media presences.

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  1. Kris Cain
    April 6, 2010 | 12:59 pm

    Awesome post, and right on point. You guys do rock! And Jenny you are absolutely wonderful at what you do. More companies and reps need to listen to you and “The Fonginator” 🙂 I am finding myself becoming increasingly annoyed with company reps who do not respond to email or tweets. If you are not going to respond, then why are you even “pretending” to be engaged in social media???

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