In Direct Sales? It’s Time to Meet the Blogger Moms!

42-15346439Are you appealing to different kinds of moms with your social media marketing strategy?  Recently I’ve been reading a fascinating book called Mom 3.0: Marketing WITH Today’s Mothers by Leveraging New Media & Technology
by Maria T. Bailey.  In it, she discusses the remarkable purchasing power of the mom market ($3.7 TRILLION), and interestingly, women-owned businesses in the US generate $1.15 trillion in sales (yes ladies, that number includes your direct sales businesses.) As direct sellers, this is HUGELY significant for us, and as social media goes, her findings are even more important.

Moms are influencing who knows about your products, what they think of your company, and whether or not they’ll buy.  They’re also influencing the decisions of other mothers who may be considering a direct selling opportunity with your company.  One piece of this phenomenon I’ve been studying lately is the “blogger mom.”  Blogger moms write about a huge range of issues, and have hundreds and even thousands of followers who identify with what they write, and read regularly.  These are women with a significant amount of influence over the decisions, and even worldview, of other women.  Just as I teach you how to appeal to a particular target market, and begin to build a relationship with your readers as you build your list, this is exactly what these moms have done.  Yet their currency is advice.  They tell other moms what they think of products and companies.  They teach them how to parent,  They reflect on life, and other moms relate.  And millions of women listen to these blogger moms and take their advice daily.

As an industry, I feel it is critical for us to understand and interact with the blogger mom community.  Product reviews by influential blogger moms can have more of an impact on whether people choose to buy your product than a corporate website may ever have in this day and age.  An influential mother talking about your opportunity, and honestly discussing how it can help a mom solve her problems, can be more convincing than all the opportunity meetings in the world.  Interestingly, many women report that they trust the information they receive from blogs more than they trust information they read on corporate websites.

It all comes down to influence, also known as social currency.  These influential blogger moms have built a community of trust, and their recommendations influence the purchasing decisions of women we want to reach every single day.  It is important for us as an industry to learn more about the blogger mom phenomenon, and reach out in a way that is respectful of the influence they’ve built, and mutually beneficial.

I will be exploring more about blogger moms and the best ways for us as an industry to reach them.  I will be spending time this weekend at the Type A Mom Conference, and look forward to learning directly from influential blogger moms, while also sharing some of the best that direct selling has to offer this group of women.  I look forward to continuing this conversation, and would love to read your thoughts on all of this below.

4 Responses to In Direct Sales? It’s Time to Meet the Blogger Moms!
  1. Cindy Chin
    September 24, 2009 | 12:59 am

    Being a mom instantly connects us and gives us a reason to reach out to one another — I love that!

  2. Suzanne Tucker
    September 23, 2009 | 7:06 pm

    i couldn’t agree more 😉 have a blast at the conference. wish i could be there as well!!! @ZenMommy

  3. Jill Shea
    September 23, 2009 | 9:38 am

    Awesome post! I’m a work at home mom and look forward to learning more. I’m going to get the book you recommended. Thank you!

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