Include Your Real Name and Photo on Your Social Media Presences

In your direct selling business, your primary product is you. While they may initially show up because you’re selling XYZ product or service, at the end of the day they choose to buy because they come to know, like, and trust you.

So it surprises me when people decide to brand their Facebook Pages and other social media presences with the company logo and name, rather than their own.

You see, when a customer goes online after they’ve met you, and wants to connect with you on Facebook, they’re not going to type in the company name by itself. That will give them hundreds of folks. But that’s not who they’re looking for. They’re looking for YOU. And they’ll know they’ve found you when they find a presence that includes your full name and your photo.

Most direct selling companies have policies related to this. They may give you a consultant logo you can use, but they don’t recommend that you use it as the main profile/page image. And they require that you use your name as part of social media profile names. The reason is so that customers and prospects can find you easily, and don’t get confused thinking you are the corporate site.

If your is set up wrong, go fix it right now. It can only benefit your business.

If you’ve got less than 100 Likes on your Facebook Page, you can change the name of your Page easily. If you’ve got more, you’ll need to start over (or ask friends to unlike and then like again.) But it’s important. This is your future business we’re talking about.

Your thoughts?

2 Responses to Include Your Real Name and Photo on Your Social Media Presences
  1. Jill Coleman
    August 11, 2011 | 3:47 pm

    My problem is that if I change my Facebook page name now, I have to ask my “fans” to “re-like” me. I can change my profile pic but not the page name.
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  2. Kathy Rowland
    August 10, 2011 | 7:34 am

    I discovered a helpful tip for those who find they need or want to “start over” and their pages are over 100 likes but don’t want to simply delete the page. If you’re in that boat, your page has become a huge resource with lots of photos, great content, and great links…you just don’t want to throw it away after all that work! If you want to keep it around, but don’t want to or can’t have it “up” for the world to see, just go into Edit Page, Manage Permissions, and click “Only admins can see this page. You’ll get a “This page has not been published” error along the top of the page to let you know you’ve been successful. I had a “moving/housewarming party” and even created an event when I found it was necessary for me to start over 🙂 I’m more than willing to help with pointers specific to this situation. ~Kathy
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