Is Your Brand Leaving a Positive Impression?

You know, it’s interesting.  Every now and then a brand reaches out and touches me on Twitter in a way that really impresses me.  It makes me think, “Wow they’re paying attention, and they care about me as an individual.”  That impresses me, makes me remember them the next time I want to do business, and generally leaves a favorable impression of that brand.  Oh, and I typically tell a lot of other people about the positive experience too.

I thought today it might be helpful for you to hear about some of the specific ways brands have reached out to me, specifically.  It’s interesting to note that all of these interactions have happened on Twitter.  It might help you discover some things you could do with your own business, to leave an impression on people looking for what you have to offer.

  • I tried out a survey tool, and was pretty happy with it.  I tweeted about the fact that I tried it and was impressed.  Within a minute or two, their main competitor reached out to me suggesting I try their solution too.  Even though I was pretty happy, no one from the first brand acknowledged my tweet, but the 2nd brand was paying attention.  Which tool do you think I’ll try next?
  • I had been given a sample of a product at a conference, but it was a liquid that exceeded the size I could put into my carry on luggage.  I tweeted that I would have loved to have tried it, but had to leave it behind because of the size.  The brand (Biltmore Estates) was paying attention, and offered to send me the product via US Mail.  I was so impressed, I tweeted about the great service (and the marinade was good too!)
  • I was traveling to Washington DC and sent out a tweet asking if anyone in the area could recommend a hotel.  Two different online hotel booking services responded with suggestions.  But one also gave me an email address and said they would find me the best deal if I reached out to them.  I emailed them my needs and they found me an incredible deal very quickly, right near where I needed to be.  They also told me they would keep searching and if they found anything else they would let me know.  2 minutes later I had another email with a better deal.  I also had the name of an individual who did the searching.  Guess who I booked my hotel with (and who I will use in the future…AWESOME service.) p.s. If you’re looking for a great hotel service, try
  • I was looking for some advice about electronics and asked about it on Twitter.  Consumer Reports reached out to me asking how they could help, and then provided me with a link and a way to get the content for free.  I had let my Consumer Reports subscription run out a while back.  But now I’m seriously considering renewing it.  Because of the great service.

All of these are examples of how an effective monitoring program can pay off in the long run.  Yes, it’s one customer at a time.  But that customer will become very loyal, and tell her friends.  We’re still surprised by good service.  And that’s something you can capitalize on.

So how will you use this knowledge to build your business?  Share in the comments below!

2 Responses to Is Your Brand Leaving a Positive Impression?
  1. Heather
    January 24, 2010 | 2:48 am


    I’ve used tweetlater (now socialoomph) to follow certain keywords and I get daily emails. MOST days I’ve been saying “eh, I’m too busy—-delete.”

    But on the occasions where I HAVE paid attention to what was being tweeted about my companies, I’ve been able to join in some great conversations and gain some awesome new customers and friends. So I really need to schedule time to check my socialoomph emails and get back in the swing of keeping on the pulse of what’s being said on twitter about my companies. Thanks for the nudge! 🙂

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