More Than One Communication Channel Can Be Valuable

Yesterday I sent out my newsletter for the first time in several months.  Yes, while a newsletter can be a valuable asset to your overall social media strategy, I have to admit that it sometimes falls to the bottom of my list of things to do.  I figure that most people can get fresh content via my blog (which can be delivered to your email) nearly every day, so the newsletter is a nice to have, but not essential.

Which is flawed logic, as yesterday proved to me.

As I watched my blog stats after sending out my newsletter, I witnessed a huge spike in traffic.  People signed up for the RSS feed of the blog (so that they would get my posts by email), people signed up for my free recorded social media 101 call, and people visited all the posts that I highlighted in the newsletter.  Simply through the process of sending a newsletter, I was able to engage people on a different level.  It was pretty powerful.

And it got me to thinking.  Multiple communication channels can be highly valuable.  Even if you’re regularly connecting with people via the phone, in person, etc, engaging on another level can drive conversion (that thing that we ultimately want people to do.)  I think we’ve all experienced it.  You talk to someone and ask for the sale, but the time isn’t right yet.  You mention it again but they don’t have their credit card handy.  But then you send your newsletter, and the middle of the night when all is quiet is exactly the right time, and that purchase comes through.  Having multiple communication channels can help you meet each person when it’s his or her right time.

Social media can help you do this.  Traditionally as direct sellers we’ve only had a few communication channels at our disposal: in person, on the phone, or email.  Now, however, a whole new world has been opened to us.  We can connect on a variety of social networks which spur people to remember us and what we have to offer.  So when we do make the conversion pitch, it’s more likely to be the right time, and lead to the results we’re looking for.

Yes, I’m going to be a lot better about remembering to send out my newsletter.  And I encourage you to think about using multiple channels to get the word out about what you have to offer.  Even if we talk to people day in and day out in one medium, sometimes it takes a medium that catches people at just the right time to finally result in the conversion we’re looking for.

What communication channels do you use?  What should you add?  Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. graduation gowns
    June 15, 2011 | 4:54 am

    communication is very important in our life without good communication you can not success any field.Best way is to email them..but ask them to acknowledge your mail… if you have already informed them and just want to remind them, you can send a memo. Fax can be next option. Letter would take a long time to reach them. Telephone call can be done if its very very urgent. Voice mail and instant messaging are not professional ways of informing something. As a manager you should approach professionally. Thanks

  2. Rhea
    September 23, 2010 | 10:31 pm

    Good info as always! Makes perfect since. The company I am with is very strong in team effort, and communication is a key factor…I like the comment above about the good old fashioned “mailed”out newsletter, you don’t see that much (unless it is an election year) hahaha, another good method is good ‘ol face to face interaction set down have a cup of coffee with me….can build good relationships and go a long was also…

    Have a great evening,
    take care

  3. Cheryl Freye
    September 23, 2010 | 12:36 pm

    In addition to the social media channels, every two months (coincides with my company’s new campaigns) I send out a good old-fashioned newsletter or brochure in the US Mail. As you said a different medium tends to get a different reaction. It does cost some money but the payback has been worth it to my business.

  4. Julie Walton Shaver
    September 23, 2010 | 9:23 am

    Signing up for your newsletter as I write this… (well, sort of)…


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