More Than Social Media

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I’ve spent the last several years focusing on social media, and the direct selling industry’s need to embrace this form of communication. We’ve definitely gotten better at it over the years, and it’s now pretty much become standard for companies and consultants to use it in some form.

But we have to be careful. Because when we put TOO much emphasis on social media, we can lose sight of what we’re really here for.

I find more and more that I’m putting less emphasis on social media, and more emphasis on social media in context. This means that we talk about how to do the business well (booking, selling, recruiting), and add the social media elements where they fit. It’s not social media for social media’s sake. We’re not trying to make social media experts out of direct sellers. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about blogging, every social network under the sun, etc. to use social media well.

Company training programs need to be careful of this too. When my team at Luce & Associates writes training for direct sales companies, we don’t write “social media” training. Rather, we focus on things like Booking, Hostess Coaching, and Team Building. Social media elements are included in these, but we don’t teach social media for social media’s sake.

Your first emphasis, daily, should be on building the business. You can use the social tools where they make sense to support the business. But don’t put too much into it. You won’t get the payoff you’re looking for. You’re not here to be a social media expert.

Don’t get swayed by the big shiny lights of social media, and the “experts” telling you to do more than you need to. Your time is better spent booking, selling, and recruiting.

Your business is more than social media.

Your thoughts?

One Response to More Than Social Media
  1. Bernice Caruth
    October 20, 2011 | 3:32 pm

    Amen! Well put. Our businesses are about personal relationships, that is, real one-on-one contact, and social media is just a tiny part of that.

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