My Tribe is on Facebook (And I’m Not Ashamed to Say So!)

If you’ve been using social media, in particular Twitter, you may have noticed that the people there tend to express that their primary network is Twitter, and that all the other networks are just backups to their Twitter relationships.  And if that’s where you tribe is, that’s great.  But sometimes, perhaps unintentionally, the thought is expressed that this is the only legitimate way to do it.  That Facebook and other networks are somehow “lesser.”

But I think that it’s important to take into account who your target market is before deciding what your primary social networking tool is.  I use both Facebook and Twitter every single day.  I’ve got a lot more followers on Twitter than I do on Facebook.  And yet I can without reservation say that Facebook is my primary network.  Why?  Because my group of friends and business contacts there is more engaged with me.  We have great dialog, people comment on everything, and we have a great time.  And I think it’s because as direct sellers, we’re really “people” people.  We love to connect with people.  That’s why we do what we do.  And Facebook enables us, in a very visual way, to share on many levels, that help us connect.

So before you decide which social network is your primary one, think about your target market.  Where do the majority of them congregate online?  Maybe it’s Facebook.  Maybe it’s Twitter.  Maybe it’s a niche-specific social network.  Wherever it is, realize it’s valid.  If you’re getting response from your connections, then it’s worth your time.  There is no one “right way” to do this.  It’s a lot more about who your target market is, and where THEY are.

Your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Chazzvid

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