Pay Attention to Find New Leads

As part of the services my company provides to direct selling companies, we monitor specific keywords related to product offerings, and then engage with people using those keywords as appropriate. For example, a company that sells candles would monitor the keyword “candle.” A company that sells cookware might monitor the keyword “baking.” A company that sells cosmetics might monitor “mascara.”

Once we find people using a specific word, we look at the context. Is someone declaring their love for a specific product? Asking where to buy it? Asking what kind people like to buy? Once we know, we can jump into the conversation, make some new friends, and provide links to what the company offers as appropriate.

But this isn’t limited to the corporate level. Individual direct sellers can do this as well. Here’s how:

  • Think about keywords related to your product line and/or opportunity. These may be generic names for what you have to offer, or words like “entrepreneur,” “home business,” “job search,” or “out of work.” Write these down.
  • Set up Google Alerts. Go to and set up notifications for these phrases “as it happens.” You’ll get an email when people mention your phrase. When these phrases are used in blogs, you can comment as appropriate and begin relationships with people. When they’re mentioned in forums, you might find some online forums you want to join where people have an interest in what you have to offer.
  • Search Twitter for Keywords. In a tool like HootSuite (which is tied to your Twitter account), set up search columns for specific keywords. You do this by clicking the “Add Stream” button, and then choosing Search from the tabs along the top. Enter your search query, and then click “Create Stream.” A column will be created for you in HootSuite that shows every single person on Twitter using your keywords, when they use them.

Now this does NOT give you license to become a spammer, sending out a link to your website every time someone mentions a keyword. Rather, use your good judgment, and make friends. Follow people, and talk to them. Answer their questions. Build relationships. If you’ve identified people who truly have an interest in what you have to offer, your opening will come. Just don’t be so quick on the pitch that you’ll scare people away before you get there.

Paying attention can help you build new relationships with people that can read to increased prospects for your business. But it all starts with a system of monitoring. What can you add to your business to begin the process?

Would love to read your thoughts in the comments.

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