Social Media Doesn’t Exist in a Bubble

It may be because social media is the “new and cool” thing, that we tend to put it into its own box, and think of it as something extra to add to a direct selling business.  But the fact of the matter is that social media is something that should be integrated into activities that you’re ALREADY DOING.  Think about the closing technique I explained this Monday.  Yes, you’re using social media to support that customer and generate reorders, but the technique is used when closing an order in person.  We need to stop thinking of social media in isolation, and see how it can support our daily activities.

Here are just some places that social media can be integrated into what you’re already doing:

  • Host Coaching – Schedule some of your follow ups with your hostess leading up to the party via Facebook.  Many direct sellers have reported that they get hostesses to respond on Facebook when they won’t return a phone call or email.
  • Networking – At every event where you meet people face to face, exchange social networking information.  (I love this article about “bumping phones” to get connected.)  Then, add that person to friend lists so you can stay connected, and also find out when that person will be in the same locations you are using TripIt on LinkedIn, and schedule follow-up meetings.
  • Coaching Calls – You’re going to talk to your downline anyway…why not make it face to face using a free platform like Skype (especially if they don’t live close to you)?  It’s the next best thing to meeting over coffee at Starbucks.
  • Team Meetings – Live team meetings rock.  It’s a place to get everyone plugged in, on the same page.  But what about those people that can’t attend live?  Do they just miss out?  Or try to make out what people are saying with a plugged in speaker phone in the middle of the room?  Why not focus a webcam on the meeting, and broadcast the meeting live on Ustream?  Then everyone can participate, even if they can’t get there in person.

Marketing your business is important, and social media is one part of that.  Social media tools can also help you with many of the other activities you do every day for your business.  Think about the tasks you do regularly, and then review the social media tools available to you.  In what ways could social media make you more efficient and effective?

How do you use social media as part of your overall business activities?  Would love to read your tips in the comments below!

Image Credit: Rhett Maxwell

2 Responses to Social Media Doesn’t Exist in a Bubble
  1. Heather
    March 2, 2010 | 2:00 pm

    Great article!

    I used a facebook event to invite facebook friends— both longtime clients and people I WANTED as clients—- to an online mystery hostess party. It was successful and I plan to do it again soon! Those of my customers and contacts who weren’t on facebook missed out on that one, but it was just a little “extra” into everything I was already doing.

  2. Richard
    March 2, 2010 | 10:02 am

    I couldn’t agree more Jennifer. Social media is an extension of our lives. I think eventually it will seem as commonplace as the telephone ( It already does for many of us.)
    There needs to be a mindset change and it is happening. We need to think about our communications a little differently. We need to think of which communications should be public and which should be one to one.

    The example I give is when a client or prospect asks a question privately. We can choose to answer them privately, but we may also choose to answer the general question publicly on our site or other Social media channels. By doing so, others that seek answers to that same question will be able to find us and regard us as a resource for when they have future questions. Also then that answer can be shared with others.

    By thinking a little differently about our communications, we can open discussions with others in the world.

    Thank you for sharing a great post!

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