Social Media Doesn’t Replace Being Good at Your Business

I recently had a direct selling company contact me about creating a social media strategy for their business.  They were looking to recruit in a big way, and old me that they understood social media to be the key to this.  Now while I’m happy to help direct selling companies create social media strategies related to their business goals, and have had the real privilege of helping many companies in our industry do just that, I had to caution this company that social media is only one piece of an overall marketing plan for a business.  You still have to be good at this.  You still have to know how to recruit people.  You still need to know how to sell.

I fear that sometimes social media becomes the shiny new toy for organizations.  We look at it as the cure-all.  And sure, some social media consultants might lead you to believe that it is. 

But it’s not.

In order to accomplish the core goals of a direct selling business…selling products and recruiting new consultants…you have to be able to put into practice some time honored skills.  You have to know how to build relationships with people.  You have to listen to them, so you can understand their needs, and make appropriate suggestions.  You have to understand enough psychology to be able to build and motivate a team.  Social media does not replace these core competencies.  You still have to be good at them, even if you use social media.

Sure, social media can help you meet new people and develop relationships.  It can enhance your core activities and provide new opportunities.  But if you think that social media is the magic bullet that will cure all your ills, think again.  You still have to be good at direct sales if you want to be successful.

Social media is just one more tool in your overall marketing toolbag, that enables you to do your business better.  Just make sure you never abandon those skills in favor of the shiny new toy.

Your thoughts?

3 Responses to Social Media Doesn’t Replace Being Good at Your Business
  1. Karen Clark
    June 1, 2010 | 1:02 am

    One of the first things I tell people is your offline business comes first – don’t even be messing around with this stuff unless your calendar is full! This is an “extra” or an “enhancement” the way doing a trade show or Christmas bazaar or networking meeting is. Your meat and potatoes will always be calling and seeing people the traditional ways but using social media can certainly enhance and sometimes accelerate your efforts.

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