Social Media is a Commitment. Are You Ready?

Yesterday a client of mine made a big announcement.  The Pampered Chef® launched their Facebook Page.  (You can visit and “Like” it here.)

It’s always thrilling to me when a client launches their social media presence.  All the months of strategy and planning finally come to fruition in a social media presence designed to engage and build relationships, while positioning the company as a resource that provides tremendous value.

But a launch is just the beginning.  Then the real work begins.  Because when you launch a social media presence, you are making a promise to your customers and prospects.  You are promising to be there…to engage, interact, provide value.  It’s not enough to launch and walk away.  And getting “busy” does not excuse you from your social media activities.  When you commit to social media, it’s a long-term commitment, whether you’re a corporation or an individual.

So before you set up a Facebook presence or another social media account for your direct sales business, make sure you’re prepared for the commitment.  It can be helpful to plan ahead of time the types of content and value you’ll be sharing.  Think about campaigns and contests you can run that will engage your fans.  Will you ask questions?  Provide tips?  Share resources?  Plan it out for a couple of months ahead, to help you stay connected and engaged in a relevant way.

And then plan the time.  You’re a lot more likely to fulfill your commitment to your online connections to engage with them if you’ve got your social media time scheduled.  With a little planning, you can fulfill your promises to them.

And be very clear on this…setting up a social media presence IS a promise.  You are promising to stay engaged and be available.  Are you ready to make that commitment?  When you do, it can bring tremendous value for your business.  But it requires a time investment.  Are you ready?

I know that The Pampered Chef® is going to do a tremendous job providing value and engagement through its Facebook Page, as many of my clients do. (Why not head over there and “Like” them?) Are you prepared to do the same?

What are your thoughts?  Have you seen good or bad examples of this?  Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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