Some Things Never Change – Guest Post by Dave Sattler, Scentsy

From Jennifer: Today’s post is from Dave Sattler, Web Marketing Strategist over at Scentsy.  Dave shares some stories from the past that still hold true today when we think about marketing to others.  What people can find about our activities online often has a HUGE impact on their choice about whether or not to do business with us.  Enjoy!

Some Things Never Change
by Dave Sattler

Dave Sattler

In the age when many lament the creep of digital into our everyday lives in fear of eroding our social skills, it’s ironic that much of that technology is designed to allow us to communicate and socialize. Based on growth and adoption rates, we really like technologies built around facilitating, managing and deepening our relationships. We enjoy connecting and plain ‘ol chit-chatting. We’re just a social lot. Though the explosion of socially-driven technology has dramatically altered the way brands and marketers communicate with people, there is a strong undercurrent of the purest of marketing concepts – trust and relationships.

This isn’t new and here are two stories to illustrate this endearing marketing credo.

Story #1

In 1886, thirty-four years before women were given the right to vote, a man by the name of David H. McConnell had an epiphany – women are more likely to trust a female friend than a high-pressured salesman. What he realized was that we buy based on trust. We go first to our friends, family, and neighbors to make a purchase decision. His conclusion was that a business model built around trusted friends developing deeper relationships by providing personalized, trusted, timely, and relevant information to the consumer could create a strong brand equity and therefore healthy sales figures.

That concept drove him to create the company we know of today as Avon, with revenue over 10 billion dollars.

Story #2

In 1958 McGraw-Hill launched a print advertisement, “the man in the chair”, that has proven to be stubbornly relevant for over 40 years. Some of the visual components of the ad have changed over the years, (only four times), but the copy has never changed.

Image Source:

“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know your company. I don’t know your company’s product. I don’t know what your company stands for. I don’t know your company’s customers. I don’t know your company’s record. I don’t know your company’s reputation. Now – what was it you wanted to sell me?”

Even though this award-winning ad was designed for business–to-business sales, it emphasizes the unchanging need for a brand or marketer to establish a relationship with it’s customers. As Allen Adamson says, “It spells out in stark terms that a company jeopardizes its ability to sell anything to anyone until it establishes an emotional connection.”

Recently the Business Marketing Association put together a modernized rendition of the Man in Chair at their 2009 conference that illustrates the relevancy of that ad today.

Can’t see the video above? Click here:

In the face of an ever-changing media landscape, the value of trust and relationships is increasing and becoming even more salient. We still buy based on trust, but not only do we buy based on trust, we Evangelize based on trust. To make the most of social media, add value, tell us about yourself, and drive towards a positive relationship by ensuring a recommendable brand experience.

Dave Sattler

Dave Sattler is a web marketing strategist and has worked with PetSmart, Intel (China), and MarketRx. Most of Dave’s work has been around helping consumer product companies identify word of mouth and interactive strategies to drive conversion and generate brand loyalty.

At Scentsy, Dave drives online marketing and branding strategies for Scentsy corporate as well as facilitating online evangelism by both consultants and consumers through the use of social media.

Dave earned an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management where he was selected to join the schools external consulting team specializing in consumer goods marketing.  Dave likes to play basketball, explore new gadgets and play with his awesome family. How to connect with Dave:

3 Responses to Some Things Never Change – Guest Post by Dave Sattler, Scentsy
  1. Dave
    November 23, 2010 | 11:29 am

    Thanks for the comment! You’re absolutely right, social media really does increase the visibility of the “raw” brand and leaves little room for spin and that creates the ideal environment for creating trust. Authenticity breeds trust. Trust builds relationships and relationships where the direct seller (see Avon example) can add value, make for a mutually beneficial business model. Nothing new, Social media just revitalized the speed and “spreadability” of that relationship.

  2. Scott Strickland
    November 23, 2010 | 10:48 am

    Great post Dave.

    So true, especially in our business. Social Media isn’t just about sales, nor is it just about marketing, nor is it just about customer service. To me Social Media is about displaying the authenticity of a company for all to see. How this is done will in turn cause positive or negative effects on the brand.

    Social Media is in it’s “wild west” phase right now. Social Media professionals understand the impact it will have on how business is done in the future, but I love how the ad above ties in the importance of remaining true to the fundamentals.

    Scott Strickland
    Social Media Coordinator
    PartyLite Gifts, Canada

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