Start an Avalanche

Are you part of the “love avalanche?”  One of my favorite parts of Facebook is when people have something to celebrate.  Be it a birthday, a marriage, or any one of a number of things, Facebook makes sure people know, and then people respond!

If you’ve ever celebrated a birthday while part of Facebook, you probably know what I’m talking about.  A whole wall of birthday messages from people who took the time to tell you you’re important.  It made you feel incredible, didn’t it?  And that’s part of the power of social technologies like Facebook.  These tools give us the information we need to make the most of recognizing people.

Grandmas used to be amazing at this (and many still are.)  They have that little book that tells them when everyone’s birthday is, and they ALWAYS send a card.  It touches you to know they remembered and cared enough to send a note.  Well you’ve got that little book at your fingertips always…it’s called Facebook.

Let’s put this in direct sales terms.  Recognition is a very important part of what we do.  Mary Kay Ash said it best…”picture everyone with a sign around their necks saying ‘Make me feel important.'”  Well these social technologies can help you do just that, because you can get the information you need to be timely and relevant.  And that leads to that “love avalanche” that people so desperately need.  No one is up all the time.  Sometimes they just need to be acknowledged and celebrated.  Use social media to get the info you need to make people feel important at just the right time.

It’s all a matter of paying attention.  If you’re a leader, I highly recommend you friend your team on Facebook.  Then you’ll know what is going on in their lives.  And you can be there when they need you.  You can make sure the love avalanche comes at exactly the right time.

It’s part of the beauty of what we do.  Sure, we’re all busy.  But we can also pay attention to PEOPLE.  Social technology can help us do that in less time.  And that helps you serve as a more effective leader, and a person people want to be connected with.

Start your love avalanche today.  It will make all the difference.

Your thoughts?

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3 Responses to Start an Avalanche
  1. Barb Maurais
    October 12, 2010 | 11:34 am

    The instant linking that social media allows in life situations is amazing. My mom and a close friend’s mom both passed away last week. The outpouring of support, expressions of sympathy and prayer have been huge. To know that our facebook friends are thinking of us, connecting, expressing care and concern provides great comfort during a very sad time for our families.

    • Jennifer Fong
      October 12, 2010 | 11:45 am

      Hugs to you Barb. So sorry to hear about your losses. I’m glad your friends could be there for you though Facebook. Just one more way social technology can enrich our lives.

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