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Direct Selling Must Embrace the Virtual Party

It is time for the industry to get fully behind virtual parties, put a serious effort behind creating the materials needed for consistent success, and invest in the technology to support these shopping experiences. It’s time to stop kicking and screaming against change. Because like it or not, the world will evolve with our without us.

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Wrestling with Online Virtual Parties? Guest Post by The Tag Team

From Jen: I’ve spent a lot of time lately researching Virtual Parties, working to identify the techniques that bring the best results consistently to those in direct sales party plan companies. And since many direct sellers are running Facebook Parties, this is one area I’ve spent a lot of time. That’s how I came upon […]

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Best Practices for Online Virtual Parties

Here are some tips for creating online virtual party experiences for home party plan companies, based on the experiences shared during a recent virtual party roundtable attended by party plan companies in the direct sales industry that was moderated by Jennifer Fong.

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