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Using Social to Encourage Productive Salesforce Behaviors

The social aspect of casual gaming can hold a great deal of potential for direct sellers. By using social elements to encourage the salesforce behaviors that lead to success, direct sellers can build stronger businesses while building stronger bonds among one another.

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A Spectrum of Rewards that Motivate Behavior and Engagement

The SAPS model of motivating behavior can be highly useful to those in direct sales who are planning campaigns, or looking to encourage engagement among consultants or customers. This article from Jennifer Fong provides an overview of the SAPS model, and how it can be used in a direct sales concept.

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The Future of Direct Selling: Gamification

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at consumer trends as they relate to the direct selling industry. It’s important to understand consumers…how they want to shop, where they spend their time, what’s important to them…if we want to remain relevant as an industry for the long term. It’s no secret how online […]

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