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5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

Your personal information may be going further than you think, especially when your social networks change their settings unexpectedly. Here are 5 things those in direct sales and network marketing should consider to protect their privacy online.

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How to Spot Scam Email

Last week I received a message in my inbox with a subject line that said it was from Facebook, and that my password had been changed.  The message invited me to click on the attached zip file to get my new password. Now I knew immediately that this was spam, and I posted a warning […]

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Safety and Facebook Places for Direct Sellers

Last night I updated Facebook on my Android-based mobile phone.  Now I have the “Places” app featured prominently on the main screen of the Facebook application.  Curious, I clicked it, and began to look at the updates from people on my Friends list.  I saw people checking in from home, work, restaurants, etc.  For every […]

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