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What Corporate Can Do to Improve Direct Sales Virtual Parties

Direct sales companies have an opportunity to create virtual parties that are more consistent and profitable than what is being offered now. Here are some things that direct selling companies can do to improve the virtual party experience, and make it more duplicatable.

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Where is the Best Place to Hold a Virtual Party?

When thinking about holding virtual parties for direct sales, you have a lot of platform options. People have tried it in various locations: Skype, Google Hangouts, Custom Software Platforms, Facebook Events, uStream, and so on. But what’s the BEST venue for a virtual party? This post looks at your best options.

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Best Practices for Online Virtual Parties

Here are some tips for creating online virtual party experiences for home party plan companies, based on the experiences shared during a recent virtual party roundtable attended by party plan companies in the direct sales industry that was moderated by Jennifer Fong.

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