The Courage to Receive

The Courage to Receive by Jennifer and John FongHave you experienced devastating setbacks? Has the economic recession affected you and your family in challenging ways? Or are you simply looking for a way to have more, do more, be more in your own life?

Introducing The Courage to Receive: Overcoming Devastating Setbacks and Living a Life of Greater Abundance by Jennifer and John Fong.  Now available in paperback and ebook on

The purpose of this book is to share with you a story that may inspire you to be open to more in your own life. Our society is coming out of a terrible economic recession. So many people have lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings. They are hearing “no” after “no.” The loss can be overwhelming, and it can be exceptionally hard to pick up the pieces and start again. But sometimes what we need to do is be open to abundance, to opportunities, to new people and new journeys, in a way that’s different from what we’ve defined in our heads.

In this book, you’ll read the story of Jennifer and John Fong. They started a company with a big dream to save the world, and watched it all come crashing down, wiping out their life savings. What they did next, and how you can use a similar strategy in your own life, is an inspiring story that can help you live a life more abundant than anything you have ever imagined.


What Readers Are Saying

“I found this an intriguing book on a journey through life….overcoming obstacles without sacrificing who you are and who you were meant to be….about finding your true purpose at the current point in your life, and not letting discouragement rob you of your destiny! A great book!”

“I purchased her book as soon as it was released and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s short, concise and to the point. I love the action items, “Do this” in Chapter 6. So often we read things but don’t know how to put them into play. Jennifer really gives “a strategy for overcoming loss and receiving abundance”. The world needs more overcomers and more reaching out for abundance. When this mentality overcomes the “victim” mentality, the world WILL change!”

“Because I have found the content of Jen’s Social Media course so useful, it was easy for me to want to know more of the backstory. It touched on the points everyone experiences in loss, disappointment, and struggle. But the best part was the practical things to do. When we need hope, it is so helpful to have someone say… “Grieve and get moving.” I am also grateful for the length so I could read it in one sitting. Will reference those “Do this next” lists frequently. Worthwhile to read.”

About the Author

Jennifer Fong, AuthorJennifer Fong is mom to three beautiful children adopted from Korea, and a sweet rescue dog named Sugar. She lives in New Jersey and, along with her husband John, enjoys jazz, great food, and the outdoors. She has been an elementary school teacher, an editor, an instructional designer, a direct sales company CEO, and most currently a sales and marketing consultant for direct selling companies.

Jennifer has been recognized within the direct selling industry as one of the industry’s top 10 bloggers by That MLM Beat, and her company won the Direct Selling Association’s prestigious Vision for Tomorrow Award for corporate social responsibility in 2008.


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Jen_Fong_speakerLooking for a keynote speaker that helps your audience imagine more for their own lives? Who encourages them to think bigger, learn more, and overcome obstacles so they can live fulfilling lives beyond anything they’ve imagined? Jennifer Fong is an experienced keynote speaker who has presented internationally to audiences in venues as large as stadiums and as intimate as boardrooms. Her speaking style is vibrant, enthusiastic, and full of warmth. Attendees consistently rate Jennifer as one of their favorite presenters at conferences.

In Jennifer’s keynote “The Courage to Receive,” she will help your audience put in place a strategy to move beyond setbacks and live a life of courage and abundance.

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