The Key to Success or Failure in Your Direct Sales Business

Are you in the “if only…” business?

“I could be successful if only…”

It’s time to banish the “if” forever.  There is only one person that owns your success, and that is YOU.  So if, for example, your partner is not as invested in your success as you are, will you then decide not to move forward?  It’s your decision, but I sure hope not.  You can’t change your partner’s attitude, most likely, but you can change your own.  And I’ve seen more than once a partner come around once success happens.

But if you’re still waiting for approval before you can succeed, you’ll never get there.

Make a plan this year that does not rely on the “ifs”.  Find the people who will be supportive no matter what, and create a plan that works with that.  Don’t allow yourself to be held back.  There are PLENTY of people in direct selling who have been successful despite the direst of circumstances.  They didn’t wait for the optimum environment.  Rather, they decided to be successful anyway.

Direct sales is systems driven, which pretty much means that any monkey can master the mechanics.  What makes some people so much more successful than others?  The willingness to do it.  Real success is a mindset.  It’s being willing to set goals, and do whatever it takes to achieve them.  One more phone call.  One more party.  One more opportunity interview.  Whatever it takes to reach the goal in the time allotted.

Don’t hold yourself back by waiting for someone else’s permission.  YOU are the deciding factor.

Will you decide to succeed or fail in 2011?

6 Responses to The Key to Success or Failure in Your Direct Sales Business
  1. Angela Nuttle
    August 22, 2016 | 3:35 am

    Great advice! You should always try to do what you are passionate about! Develop a clear direction and purpose. Keep Learning from your mistakes because that’s how you grow your business 🙂

  2. Kelly Robertson
    January 2, 2011 | 10:50 am

    I totally relate to this article since at one time not so long ago, my spouse was very unsupported of me and my business, thinking I was just “playing makeup”. Hardly! Years of training, education, licenses, workshops… my talent, my passion, my goals and dreams were constantly shattered with his eye rolls. Then, I decided that I couldn’t, I wouldn’t allow him to block my success any more. Then it occurred to me: I actually blamed him for my struggles when it was really ME all along! I was making excuses for not getting to where I knew I had the ability to be (at the top).

    So, I made my decision to get out of my own way and be accountable for my success irregardless of his thoughts. I made a plan, I committed to it, I envisioned it and put out the right vibes to the universe. I started putting more and more and more money in the bank and rather quickly I might add. I finally told my husband about the amazing comp plan I was blessed with and he listened. I proved it all by putting money in the bank and now, he’s my # cheerleader. Go figure.

    This year, after 11 years of success but nothing like now, I elevated to a very high position in my company this year brought me to being a super top recruiter (and retainer!). I train, I’m am ambassador, I’m a positive example to those I lead.

    Thanks for your support and generosity. Service to others must bring you great miracles. Hope to meet you one day soon!

    Love, hugs and lipstick, Kel

  3. Darren Spruyt
    December 30, 2010 | 12:21 pm

    Hey Jen! 🙂

    A very very strong message in such a comprehensive post. It is so true! Many people are often influenced by what people think of them that they start to tell things that disempower them and sometimes, lose their self-esteem.

    If you want to be successful, it is very important to be able to trust and believe in yourself because nobody else can help you if you wont help yourself.

    Love what you shared here Jen!

    Darren Spruyt

  4. J. Cusimano
    December 29, 2010 | 9:58 am

    Thank you once again Jennifer, for a great blog!

    I have noticed that people that have real will power are more motivated when somebody says “This WON’T work.” The secret is “IT” DOESN’T! The work comes from US. My best workers in my downline (and a huge amount of my upline) actually had arguments with their (negative in a comfort zone) spouse about coming in. “I told you so” is a great motivator when someone is determined NOT to hear it.

    The flip side is when both come in thinking “IF ONLY” and hear a couple NOs from their early “THEY OTTA BE EASY” comfort zone prospects. “NO, are you nuts?,” It’s a pyramid scheme.”, is a common statement from people that don’t understand that EVERY financial idea IS in a pyramid structure. Network marketing is more like a Ziggurat structure, in that it is built in steps. We can stand around saying “IF” or take the next step. THIS IS UP TO US, unlike non controlled pyramids like the stock market, social security, the lotto, or a job with someone standing in the way on the step we want to take. With network marketing we can leave them on that step saying “if only” and climb to the one above them.

    Dreamers are most commonly found on a couch or recliner thinking “if only”!!! What they are really wanting is someone to hand it down to them “if only they were lucky”, not knowing luck is an attitude + Gratitude adjustment.


  5. Dawn Cyrus
    December 29, 2010 | 9:54 am

    Great article, Jennifer! For only a two letter word, “if” is a big one. In life, there should be no ifs…only when! 🙂

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