Tips for Better Holiday Marketing Messages

As the holidays approach, it sometimes feels like information overload as marketers vie for your attention.  And yes, your marketing messages are part of that noise.  We typically count on the holiday season accounting for the largest portion of our annual sales, but getting the attention of people who are already so saturated can be an incredible challenge.

And the rules change a bit when you market during the holidays.  While your information-laden articles and newsletters are so well received during the rest of the year, you have to be so sensitive to what your prospects are going through, or risk overwhelming them.

Here are some tips for creating marketing content that actually gets read during the holidays.

  1. Keep it SHORT. People just don’t have time to read a lot.  1 paragraph is plenty.  They need to be able to see your entire message without scrolling.  This makes it more likely your message will be read.
  2. Solve ONE problem for your customers, that will make their lives easier during the holiday season.  A shopping tip, an offer for free shipping, free gift wrap…something that will make their lives a little easier.
  3. Lead with discounts. Often at the holidays, people are keeping an eye open for good deals.  If you’ve got one (your guest or host special, for example), note it in your email subject.  This may entice someone to open your message.

Even though we have so much we could say about our products at the holidays, it doesn’t mean we should.  Remember, effective holiday communications get right to the point, so busy holiday shoppers can get what they need, and get on to the next thing.  Don’t just be part of the holiday noise.  Deliver value, and get on with it.

Your thoughts?

2 Responses to Tips for Better Holiday Marketing Messages
  1. Shanna Hatfield
    December 10, 2010 | 1:28 pm

    Thanks, once again, for great, practical, usable info!

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