Tips for Increasing Your Facebook Page Reach

As you can see, our Reach numbers are still all over the place, but overall reach is up 18% using the techniques described in this article.

As you can see, our Reach numbers are still all over the place, but overall reach is up 18% using the techniques described in this article.

If you’re like most Facebook Page owners, you’ve noticed a substantial drop in your Facebook Page reach. If you blog as well, that has likely contributed to a significant drop in traffic to your blog as well. Over here at Jen Fong Media, we certainly felt it. Where before, our standard Facebook Page post reached well over 1,000 people at a minimum, our post reach has been in the low hundreds on average, and that means our blog post numbers have also been much lower.

Over the last month, we’ve been testing a number of different strategies to improve reach. I am fortunate to have a dedicated community manager on staff who is willing to test and tweak around the clock for both our own sites, as well as those of our clients, to fully test various techniques. And he’s discovered a few things that may help you with your reach too. In the last 2 weeks, we’ve seen much higher blog traffic (which is the final measure we use for the success of posts on social networks.) See which of these work for you:

  • Post Several Times Throughout the Day and Night: When you post on Facebook, you’re pretty much limited to the people who are online at the moment of your posting, unless your post gains a lot of engagement. So it’s not uncommon to see your post reaching only 1% of your overall Page audience. But because people use Facebook at different times of the day, posting throughout the day yields greater traffic and reaches more people. Use Facebook’s internal scheduling tool to schedule different posts throughout the day and night, spaced by a few hours each. We actually find that some of our best reach is achieved in the middle of the night. And no one has complained about seeing our content too much, which leads us to believe that different people are seeing our posts each time they go up.
  • Tea is always a good idea Share the Content People Want to Share: We had a cute little saying we wanted to post for one of our clients, and we created a simple graphic with the saying, the client’s logo, and a product. This simple little post received the highest reach of the week, and the reason was because it was shared by the consultants of that company a lot. To test the theory, we created a different graphic of a similar type the following week. Exact same results. Think about sharable little “packages” you can create…branded photos, videos, etc. And then encourage your salesforce to share these things. They are a great way to increase your reach.
  • Invite People to Self-Promote or Comment and Share to Win: This is actually something I’ve advised for years, and it still holds true. The best reach I get each week on my Facebook Page is on “Promote Your Business Friday.” Each week I invite people to share their favorite product and a link to their website on a specific post I put up on Fridays. That post invariably gets the highest reach we see for the week (lower now that the algorithm change has happened, but still the highest.) Another company hosts a contest each week on their Facebook Page where people have to comment and share the post to enter. Again, super high reach numbers, which helps expand their reach and visibility. You are trying to get engagement on each post you put up, because that’s what helps posts live longer, so think about how each post can benefit your audience, and reward them for engaging.
  • Advertise. Facebook Ads are, in my opinion, the best way for direct sales companies to generate recruiting leads. Each time I put an advertising program in place for a client they are blown away by the results. Why? Because Facebook Ads, properly written and targeted, just work. If you have the budget, Facebook Ads are an excellent way to reach beyond the people that have already liked your Page, helping you generate more leads. And while some of these leads that you generate may ultimately like the Facebook Page, we prefer to send traffic to a lead capture page on the website so we can contact that lead more directly outside of Facebook, and have more control.

We continue to experiment with different methods of posting, and as we come across other techniques that work, we will certainly pass them along to you.

What have you discovered that helps increase your reach on Facebook? Would love to read your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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  1. Stephanie
    August 29, 2014 | 1:48 pm

    Great article! It seems Facebook is ever changing. I’m ine of those people who like short,simple and positive pictures and share a lot of them.

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