Using Social Media to Fill Your Direct Sales Funnel

victorious_womanSocial media is an excellent tool for finding people that have an interest in your product or service.  Once you have defined your social media strategy, along with your targeted niche market, then it’s time to use content marketing to provide value to your niche, and engage them in ways that lead to the behaviors you’re seeking.

For example, if your goal is to find additional customers for your business, then you would provide content that provides solutions to problems that your targeted niche has.  If you sell skincare, this might be how to keep your skin looking young.  If you sell kitchenware, your targeted niche may be looking for quick and simple ways to prepare family meals.  Whatever it is, you need to find their common problems, and then give them solutions they can use RIGHT NOW without having to buy a thing.  This might mean a bit of research on your part.  If you’ve been used to just selling the features and benefits of your product line, you are going to have to go further and become a true expert in your field.  Read what others are writing about.  Learn about the entire industry.  By doing so, you will provide much greater value to your niche.

Once you have the content, use it on your blog.  Write posts that offer solutions to your targeted niche.  Invite and encourage comments in order to engage your readers.  And always give them a place to sign up so they can get more info from you.  After all, you’re positioning yourself as the expert that gives them solutions they can use.  Why wouldn’t they want more?  Why wouldn’t they refer their friends?

As you build a group of targeted followers on social networking sites, send them to blog posts that offer solutions, and then invite them to join your list, you help people work their way down your sales funnel.  You can then engage these highly-targeted readers on a level impossible through social networking alone.  They can join groups, receive targeted offers, participate in online events you offer, etc.  And the people who remain engaged become some of your very best customers.

To learn more about the specific strategies you can use to fill your direct sales funnel, I encourage you to check out a course I’m offering with Julie Anne Jones called Social Media Made Simple for Direct Sales Professionals.  It starts Thursday, April 23 and runs for 8 weeks.  You’ll learn step-by-step how to use social media effectively and efficiently, without wasting your time, and all sessions will be recorded so you can participate on your schedule.  You can listen to a free preview call with tips you can use right now by clicking here, and you can learn more about the course by clicking here.  We’d love to have you join us!

How are you using social media to make money in your business?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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