What Some Bloggers Are Doing Wrong with Their Email Feeds

Um...Where's the blog post?

Do you subscribe to blogs? You know, sign up to be emailed when the blog author posts a new article?

I have a whole heap of blogs articles that get delivered to me on a daily basis. They’re a great way to keep current on what’s going on in my field, and it comes right to me, in the place I check first…my inbox. (Sure, some people use readers, too. I do that as well. But my favorite blogs come into my inbox.)

But I’ve noticed a real difference in what I get from different people. And it surprises me a bit, because some of these are big time bloggers. You see, some blog emails are so loaded down with headers and intro text, that it takes me a minute to figure out what, exactly, the current post is about. Others have their blog’s name in the subject of the email, but not the title of the post. And for all of these, I find that I almost NEVER read them.

You see, in that scan mode in the morning, when I’m looking for relevant content in my inbox, I don’t have time to wade through all your intro garbage. I subscribe for your content. Not the rest of that stuff.

Now of course I understand you have to make a living. So put a footer on your posts. If your post is good, I’ll get to it.

But if I can’t figure out instantly what the post is that has arrived in my inbox, you’re doing something wrong.

At least in my opinion.

What do you think?

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