When Was the Last Time You Evaluated Your New Consultant Program?

Recently I’ve been evaluating the new consultant training program for a client company. They put me into the system as a new consultant (so I’d receive all the communication they send out), sent me a kit, and I scheduled my launch party. Since I was evaluating the effectiveness of company-provided materials and support, I did it without the help of an “upline.” I wanted to see if I could pull off a launch party using just what the company provided.

Throughout the process, I’ve been documenting experiences and ways to tighten up the program that I will provide in my final report to the company.

But it really got me to thinking about that 3rd party view into our business. Sometimes when we’re so in the thick of things, and have our operations down to a science, we fail to see what the experience looks like for a newbie. Sure, we can ask our existing salesforce what would make things easier, but they’ve got their own way of doing things, and usually they already have a ton of experience. It’s the new people who we really need to ask, but they don’t always know what they need or what should be there. They blame themselves instead, and feel like a failure.

For the client I’m working with, the benefit of 3rd party eyes that know what SHOULD be in place to make it easier will make a world of difference for the new consultant experience.

So when was the last time you had an outsider evaluate YOUR new consultant program? Whether you’re a company or a leader, it’s important. How easy is it to find the right information they need at the right time? Is information delivered in a variety of learning styles? It content available 24/7? Could they figure out how to do a party if no upline was available?

Do your business a favor. Take a look at the new consultant program and see how easy it is for someone to get started in your business. What should be changed? What would make it easier? Get a third party opinion from someone who knows the business, but not necessarily your business. (We can help with that if you need it.) Now is the busiest time of the year, when you may be recruiting a lot of people. Yet you’re busy. Can they get the information they need to get started successfully and feel confident in the business without a lot of hand holding? It dramatically affects your retention rates.

Don’t neglect this. It’s important for your company’s success.

Your thoughts?

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