Where Does Social Media Fall in a Direct Sales Company?

Hanging with some of my DSA and social media buddies at the DSA Be Connected Conference

I do a lot of corporate work in the direct sales industry, and thus have the good fortune of networking with a lot of really smart folks in the industry doing social media.  We’ve recently been discussing the topic of recruiting with social media.  What I found fascinating is that in smaller companies, there is vital interest in this topic.  Yet some of the folks I’ve talked with at companies with larger social media departments say they’re not involved with recruiting.

And this really got me to thinking.

What is the role of social media for a direct selling company when it comes to recruiting?  Is it a training activity…something we teach the sales force to do?  Or does it fall in the laps of the social media department?

I don’t necessarily have the answer to this question.  But I do want to start the conversation.

We all know that if you’re not selling, you’re not in business.  And if you don’t have people to sell your product, you’re not selling, and you’re not in business.  So recruiting it a critical part of what we do as an industry.  And since social media is such a great way to get information out about our companies, doesn’t it make sense to share information about our opportunity?  Isn’t part of our brand messaging a recruiting message?  Or does it depend upon your goals for social media…maybe your goal has nothing to do with recruiting.

Where does this fall?  Does your organization even know?

Again, I certainly don’t have all the answers.  This just challenged some of the assumptions I had been making, and I’m very interested to hear others’ perspectives on this.

What do you think?

Update: As an addendum to this, I thought I’d ask the consultants on my Facebook Page where THEY thought about whether or not companies should be promoting the opportunity.  The conversation is here.

2 Responses to Where Does Social Media Fall in a Direct Sales Company?
  1. Ryan Biddulph
    January 14, 2011 | 11:20 am

    Hi Jen,

    An interesting question here.

    I feel social media would fall under training activities for the workforce. The most successful companies seem to be those who use attraction marketing principles and utilizing social media properly is a key foundation of any attraction marketing campaign.

    Making connections is the name of the game. SM offers a wonderful platform to do so. I feel social media training should be offered to the entire workforce as the principles behind effective training in this area should be taught and implemented company wide.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Jen.


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