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First, I want to tell you how very much I value your readership, and even more your friendship.  This blogging journey that began what seems a lifetime ago (although it was really only January of 2009) has become such a fulfilling part of my life, and I hope I’ve given you a lot to think about along the way.  I am very fortunate to be able to earn my income working with direct selling companies, which means I can share this content with all of you without you having to feel like I’m constantly trying to “sell” you.  It’s been an amazing ride.

Anyway, I’ve picked up a few other writing gigs recently, and I wanted to share them with you, in case you’re interested.

Luce & Associates Blog
I’m the Social Media Associate with Luce & Associates (headed by the great Alan Luce, who I can’t say enough good things about), direct selling consultants, and that means I get to help direct selling companies alongside an incredible team of professionals who know everything (and I mean everything) about running a successful direct sales company.  We’ve recently kick-started our company blog into high gear, and each associate (including myself) contributes a post every week or so.  That means fresh content for direct sales companies daily.  If you’re interested in the operations side of things, check out our posts at http://www.luceandassociatesblog.com

My latest post on the Luce & Associates blog is We Must Do Away With Barriers to Entry. (I’ll warn you…it’s a topic that can be rather controversial.) I’ll be writing more of my thoughts about social media, technology, and how it all relates from a corporate standpoint over at the Luce blog moving forward.

The Network Marketing Magazine
This summer I was invited to become a regular columnist over at The Network Marketing Magazine.  From now until the end of the year, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about how to use social media effectively as a Network Marketer.  It’s new and different content from what I write here, so if you’re looking for more, check it out.

My latest post over there is The Way You Use Social Media Tools Can Be a Competitive Advantage.

Direct Selling News
I absolutely love Direct Selling News.  It’s one of the few publications I read from cover to cover.  And it’s an absolute thrill when I get to write for them.  In my articles, I address
issues related to social media and technology for the direct selling industry.

My latest article was written in collaboration with Alan Luce: Blended Methods Are the Future of Direct Selling

Bonus Post
I was recently interviewed by my friend Hakki Ozmorali over at the World of Direct Selling blog.  Hakki provides consulting services to the direct selling industry at DS Consultancy in Turkey, and is considered an expert in the Turkish direct selling industry. You can read the interview here: http://hozmorali.blogspot.com/2010/10/interview-jennifer-fong.html

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If you find the content on these other sites valuable, I hope that you’ll subscribe there as well.  And if you know anyone else who would value any of the publications above, or this blog, would you do me a favor and share those sites with them?  It’s a passion for me to help direct sellers use social media appropriately.  If each and every one of you shared this site (see that little share button below?) with just one person, what impact could we make on the perception of our industry in social media?  Will you help?

Thanks for reading, and as always, I love your comments!  Share away! 🙂

3 Responses to Where I Write
  1. Pat Zahn
    October 6, 2010 | 12:20 pm

    At first when I saw the title, I thought, Oh, cool she’s going to share literally where she writes – in a park under a tree, locked in her bathroom, at the airport, etc… A little disappointed (kidding, still want to know though), but happy with the wealth of links you provided. I have subscribed and will be reviewing as I have time. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Fong
      October 6, 2010 | 12:25 pm

      Ha! I write at my desk in my bedroom usually, but today I’m in the sunroom on the couch, next to the dog (whose feet are causing problems for my free mouse movement.) LOL

  2. Karen Bain
    October 6, 2010 | 12:07 pm

    Dear Jennifer,

    I appreciate your outlook on our business. And, I share, forward and e-mail your newsletter to people I believe will benefit from them. Thanks for all you do.

    Re – Your timely article about the old way vs the new way ~ my daughter takes care of her generation, I take care of mine. We were thinking about becoming proficient in each others ‘ways’. Your article on the topic turned the concept into a goal.

    Question: Which do you recommend? An I-phone? Or and I-pad. I’m going to the Mac store at the mall tonight to take a look.

    Thanks, Karen Bain

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