You Are an Essential Part of the Company’s Facebook Page

Since I work with a lot of direct selling companies, I get to review a lot of company Facebook Pages. Many companies invest a lot of time in getting the Page right. They create a policy so that every consultant (and their customers!) can benefit from the Page. They put a lot of thought into writing engaging posts that their consultants can pass along. They create contests and incentives for the Page to make things exciting, and to give you things you can pass along and talk about with your customers. Lots of really good stuff happens on company Facebook Pages.

But your company can’t do it alone.

YOU are one of the big keys to whether or not your company’s Facebook Page succeeds. Yes you. Are you putting in the effort it requires?

Here’s what consultants on successful company Facebook Pages do:

  • Share tips that they share at parties or during sales presentations
  • When they see questions they know the answer to, they answer them
  • They visit the Page regularly and comment on the company’s posts
  • They pass all the incentives and contests the company posts on the Page along to their customers
  • They invite all their customers and friends to Like the company Page
  • When eligible, they enter company contests and promotions
  • They express enthusiasm for everything the company posts (even if they’re only so-so about it…this IS sales, after all)
  • If they’ve got something negative to share, they communicate it to the company elsewhere. They remember that Facebook is a PUBLIC forum, and not for complaints.

Don’t expect your company to do it all alone. They need your help to get the visibility your company deserves. You are the built-in “secret weapon” to helping your company build an exciting presence on Facebook. Don’t neglect your responsibility!

And this benefits your business. When people see a healthy, thriving company Facebook Page, it elevates the perception of the company you represent. It can help people on the fence about joining your team decide to sign up, in order to be part of the vibrant community. It’s a little reminder for your customers about making another purchase from you. In short, it’s smart business.

Your participation will make all the difference.

Your thoughts?


2 Responses to You Are an Essential Part of the Company’s Facebook Page
  1. Christyne Richardson
    May 12, 2011 | 8:19 am

    This is brilliant! It never even occurred to me that I could post on the company page. I often transfer information from their page to mine, using the “share” button, but never even thought I could answer questions, etc. there. Thanks for the insight!

  2. Betsy
    May 11, 2011 | 9:46 am

    Great info, as always. My question–is there a point when company page participation by their consultants becomes TOO much? Some consultants seem to hang out there all day long, ready to pounce on any question or request. Many times with wrong info. Where does it cross the line between helpful and overkill? And is there a solution or does the company just live with it?

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