Your Chance to Save Lives

If you’ve been following me for a long time, you may know something of my history. You see, I didn’t set out to become a social media expert for the direct selling industry. It was in late 2006 that my husband and I set our sights on something very different…changing the world. We started a direct selling company for the express purpose of raising as much profit as we could, so we could give it all away. We didn’t get as big as we hoped (the economy didn’t help) but we did manage to raise enough money to help build a medical school in a country in Africa that only had 4 pediatricians (in the entire COUNTRY.) The school meant that they could train local doctors to take care of their own people. We also provided a tremendous number of toys for children in the US through the Toys for Tots program, helped with hunger through Feeding America, and several other worthy causes that helped people.

Helping people help themselves has been a passion of mine for a long time. It’s one of the reasons I love direct sales so much. No other industry provides such potential for everyone that wants it. All you have to do is do the work. And if you do, you make money. It’s really that simple.

It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in our own issues. It’s hard for us to remember sometimes just how fortunate we are. When our kids go to bed at night, they’re in beds that are safe from the elements. They’re entitled to a free education. There are safety nets built into our communities that we count on, even if we don’t often think about them.

Yet in some places, these don’t exist. In Africa, for example, some parents have to put their kids to bed without mosquito nets. This simple, $10 net prevents bites from mosquitos that carry Malaria. Yet some families cannot afford it. And children die every day as a result. Skipping your morning coffee at Starbucks for a couple of days could SAVE A LIFE.

Yes I’m a big fan of helping people help themselves. (And interestingly, direct sales is starting to grow in Africa.) But these kids who are dying of Malaria will never get the chance to help themselves. Because of the lack of a $10 net.

If it were your kid, you’d want someone to help.

Be that someone.

Today is End Malaria Day. It’s sponsored by Malaria No More, an amazing organization that is committed to ELIMINATING child deaths from Malaria. (And interestingly, one of the founders of Malaria No More, Ray Chambers, is also an owner of Princess House, a direct selling company. I heard him speak this year at the DSA Annual Meeting and was incredibly inspired by the work he and his team are doing.)

There is a book that you can buy today that features 60 authors, and the ENTIRE PURCHASE PRICE of $20 for the Kindle version (and all but $5 of the paperback version, which is $25) will be donated to Malaria No More. That’s 2 mosquito nets…2 families saved…with every purchase. Get all the details here.

I don’t ask you guys to buy much (if anything.) Just about everything here is free. But today I am asking you to take action. Join me in saving lives.

Buy your book(s) and spread the word.

It matters.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.




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